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Ready or Not, Here is a Michigan Show that is Ready to Go

Here you go, this show sounds like they have done their homework to protect everyone as best as possible from Covid-19.  The show is the 18th Annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show held in West Bloomfield Township on July 25 & 26th.

The show is produced by Patty Narozny of HotWorks.  Patty has had to cancel several of her shows earlier this year.  It greatly bothered Patty to cancel show after show because of the virus.  Patty knows that artists depend on shows to make their living.  Patty worked with the West Bloomfield Township and is following the Covid-19 guide lines based on the Governor's executive order to put together the safest show possible.  The 18th Annual Orchard Lake fine Art Show may very well be the first Michigan show to be held since the Covid-19 shut down.  This show may also become the model other show producers will be following in the future so that art shows can become a possibility once again.

So, what can you expect if you are able to get into the 18th Annual Orchard Lake fine Art Show?  The deadline to apply is June 19th so don't drag your feet and there is a limited amount of spaces available.  Below you can read about the precautions that will be in place to make this a safe show for everyone in attendance:

   *  There will be 3 main entrances into the show.

   *  There will be a few hand washing sinks spread around the show.  This show had a sink before in the
       relaxation tent so that people could wash their hands before they ate while at the show.  Well they
       will have a few more now.

   *  The sinks are touchless, they are operated by your foot.

   *  There will be signs at each porta john urging people to wipe the handles before & after use.  There
       will be disinfectant & paper towel there for people to use.

   *  All show booths will be 3 feet apart.

   *  If possible all booths will have 2 or more sides up to help the air to flow through the tents.

   *  Social distancing of 6 feet apart will be practiced.

   *  Face coverings will be encouraged however since the show is outside it can't be forced by law.

   *  Artist will use pointers - if possible to help with physical distancing.  This may not be possible for
       everyone so then face coverings should be worn when interacting the artist needs to be closer
       to the art patrons.

   *  One family unit at a time can be in the booth.  Other shoppers will need to wait outside the booth
       to be invited in.

   *  There will be markings on the ground for spacing for the art patrons.

   *  Every booth is responsible to bring his/her own hand sanitizer & have it displayed in booths for
       people to see & use during the show.

   *  Jewelers & browse bins will need to be wiped after touching & anything else needing wiping should
       be wiped during the show.

Patty Narozny has put a lot of time and work into trying to put together a safe show.  This could be a good time to try to get back into an art show.  It will be different and take some time getting used to.  I think this will work.  You might want to give this a chance. 

Don't forget that the deadline to apply is June 19th and there is a limited amout of spaces available. 

Let's make this work!


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Comment by Christina L. Towell on June 26, 2020 at 10:34am

It sounds like they've really thought this through and taken every precaution, I certainly wish them well!  We all have to learn to think outside the box now, it's a new day and a new reality.

Comment by Danielle Lynch on June 17, 2020 at 4:49pm
I wanted to give an update on Walloon Lake Loon Days. Most artists did well. There were a few that didn’t but there are reasons for that. Like back of booth ect. Display
The public was very receptive. Some wore masks. Some vendors wore masks when they had viewers in booth.
We had about 10 hand sanitizing stations, directional flow arrows, rubber gloves if anyone wanted. 6-10 feet between every booth.
Life is open in Northern Michigan. We just have to be sensible about it.
I also make botanical jewelry and while it wasn’t my best show, it was very good with the virus crap that has changed our daily lives.
Comment by Dave Grabarczyk on June 16, 2020 at 1:09pm

I wish her luck. It will be very difficult to have decent sales with the requirements that must be followed. Having to have people wait outside of the booth until they can come in will cause several potential buyers to simply walk on by, especially if the wait is long. I also think that a reduction in show fees would be warranted , as I can imagine the crowd will be much different from her usual shows.

Comment by Nels johnson on June 14, 2020 at 11:38am

First off, Walloon Lake is having their outdoor show this weekend,a month before Orchard Lake,

I wish Patty well, she works hard.

That said, her show has been a loser many a time for most artists.

Just saying.

I would not travel a long way to do that show.

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