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Prizes & Winners - The List Almost Finished!

  1. Carol Wilson - TrimLine Canopy from
  2. Jacqueline Zajac - Free booth space at Sarasota's Festival of the Masters from Boulderbrook & Richard Sullivan
  3. Ralph Sharp - Black Gum Wood Bowl from Jay Daniels,
  4. Robert Wallis - free booth space at the Lexington Art & Craft Show, Lexington, KY from Lynn Wettach,
  5. Tim Longwell - 3 changeable gallery frames with art fair handles from Mary Anne Einarson,

  6. Joyce Wathen - Marketing for Artists & Craftsmen from Carolyn Edlund,
  7. Bonnie Eastwood - free booth space at the Old Town Art & Craft Show~Winter, St. Augustine, FL, from Lynn Wettach,
  8. Elle Heiligenstein - 1/2 day booth sitting at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs from Connie Mettler
  9. Suzanne Ens - free booth space at any Paragon Art Event from Bill Kinney,
  10. Megan Martin - Leather messenger bag from Carol S. Miller,

  11. Renee Snell - Oil Painting by Katalin Luczay,
  12. Judy Zeddies - free booth space at ArtWorks: Studio Clearance Sale from Colin Murray
  13. Marge ParkArt Display Panel Plans from Ernie Kleven
  14. Sue Shefts - free booth space at Fall Festival on Ponce from Patrick Dennis & Randall Fox at in Atlanta
  15. Roberta Starbird

  16. Jane Miller - Handturned Honduran Fountain Pen from Rich Horner,
  17. Jenny Henley - free booth space at Piedmont Park Arts Festival in Atlanta from
  18. Susan Hohman - Imaging services from Larry Berman,
  19. Ann Light - handbuilt pottery from Lucy Clark,
  20. Mary Meehan - free booth space at the Gold Coast Art Fair from

  21. Geri Wegner - Canvas Gallery Wrap in Float Frame from Steve Sawusch,
  22. Barry Bernstein - $100 Amazon gift card from
  23. Richard Sherer - Mixed Media wall piece from Phoenix & Scarlet Blackstone,
  24. Victoria Heisler - 2013 + 2014 Online Subscription to the Art Fair Sourcebook from Greg Lawler,
  25. Greg Little - free booth space Sandy Springs Artsapalooza from Patrick Dennis & Randall Fox,

  26. Christine Rodriguez - free booth space at any Rose Squared Productions event from Howard & Janet Rose,
  27. Candiss ColeExpert Website Review from Scott Fox
  28. John Kennington - Essential Sourcebook - Pocket Edition from Greg Lawler,
  29. Andrew Shea - 1/2 boothsitting at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs from Connie Mettler
  30. Jan Gussin - Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Scanner from

  31. Lucy Clark - consultation with Connie Mettler
  32. Delpfine Welch - Expert Website Review from Scott Fox
  33. Susan Cherry - Flameworked Glass Starfish Earrings & Pendant Set from Melanie Cech,
  34. Bobby Harr - $50 gift certificate from Mark Rogers at
  35. Kathy Clausen - One year Festival Network Online membership,

  36. Jacqueline Bradley - Window frame wall art with original photos from Carolyn Landis,
  37. Mike Leedom
  38. Joanna McCoy
  39. Teresa Haag - free booth space at the Wilmington Art & Craft Show, Wilmington, NC, Holiday Art Shows, from Lynn Wettach
  40. Joyce McAdams - coral necklace from Dabanga dos Santos,

  41. Mary Perkins
  42. Patricia Plasko - Hummingbird feeder from Bill Merritt,
  43. Miguel Wong - a year's member ship in the NAIA
  44. Lorrie Dallek - $25 gift certificate from Mark Rogers at
  45. Barb Machulis - Polymer clay flower wall piece from Layl McDill,

  46. Stephanie Gutzman - free booth space at Chastain Park Art Festival, from Randall Fox & Patrick Dennis,
  47. John Powell
  48. Angela Howard - 1 year subscription to ArtsyHome,
  49. Jim Norton - free booth space at Spring Festival on Ponce, from Randall Fox & Patrick Dennis,
  50. Dalga, Tara - 1 year subscription to ArtsyHome,

  51. Jerry Maschinot
  52. Br. Xavier Pankovits 
  53. Chuck Bruce - free booth space at any Howard Alan Colorado art fair,
  54. Michelle Bende
  55. Carol Joy Shannon - Bodyscape photograph from Allan Teger,

  56. Dale Yakaites - $50 gift card from Binders Art Supplies &
  57. Alison Fox - Art Glass Cuff Bracelet from Leslie Belcher,
  58. Greer Peters
  59. Hinde, Dave - $25 gift certificate from Mark Rogers at
  60. Schwartz, Francine - 1 year subscription to ArtsyHome,

  61. Cech, MelanieArtist consultations with show director Patrick Dennis,
  62. Freeman, Noma - hour consultation with Connie Mettler
  63. Fisher, Lynn
  64. Wolfgang, Maryllis - free booth space at the Old Town Art & Craft Show~Spring, St. Augustine, FL  Holiday Art Show, from Lynn Wettach
  65. Burke, Jane - free booth space at Peachtree Art Festival, from Randall Fox & Patrick Dennis,


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Comment by Connie Mettler on May 31, 2013 at 7:11am

Some of the names listed above do not have any prizes listed. That is because you haven't responded to my emails. Please let me hear from you by noon today, 5/31.

Visit this link to see the prizes still available and then send me your choice,


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