Happy Holidays

I know, I know....nine more days!

But YOU know ME!!!! LOL

In bold and upper case, I just have to wish every single Art Fair Insider a


We are totally breaking tradition this year: no tree, trimmings or turkey.....at least at home!

My newlyweds will be at the Green Bay Packer Game on Christmas Day. For those who do not follow American football, the Packers are set to have a "perfect" season and picked to win the Super Bowl again. We in WI take the Pack like religion on Sundays ( or any other day they play!) So Mom's (my) traditions will wait a week as they make their holy trek up to Lambeau Field.

My eldest and darling daughter haven't decided yet but

Dan and I are heading to Minneapolis to spend Christmas with our youngest son, the surgical transplant RN. Since he just moved to the Uof M Hospital there from Kearney, NE, he is low man on the rotation. He will be working some third shifts.

Larry, we are doing a brave thing! After eight years of being a house dog, Willow is coming along. We procured Valium for the trip for him (I think a round may be needed for us as well! Just kidding.)

I hope everyone uses this blog to tell us what YOU are doing over the next two weeks.

I'd love to hear!



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  • Your own inner beauty shines through to the images in the rich hues, complex compellations and higher spiritual elements you enjoin in such compelling style. Stunning! Happy Chanakah, Barb. 

  • Great to hear from you, Barbara. I've missed you. Beautiful images.

  • 981290511?profile=original301647454?profile=originalHappy Holidays to All, no matter how or where you celebrate!


  • Will do.
  • God bless him.  And thank him for his service from us.

  • Middle east, this will be his second tour. I can't get more specific than that.
  • FANTASTIC!  I'm so glad for you and your family!!!!  Where is your son being deployed to?

  • A little Christmas miracle.
  • Joy of joys. My sons medical papers got hung up so he is home for Christmas and deploys after Christmas. So happy. They gave him four days leave!!!
  • So this thread was started on Tuesday and I'm just getting around to reading it -- you might say I've been paddling as fast as I can BUT the work, the shopping, the wrapping, packing, shipping are done. Our children in Kentucky, Tennessee and California will know we remember them. Suddenly all the shows want to do a call for artists and I am getting bleary-eyed getting them together. Now a little slow time before I head to LA to see my kids and grandkids on Tuesday, a pretty quiet holiday with friends. None of us have children who live around here anymore but we make do and enjoy one another.

    The bad thing about being in LA is I'll be seeing those Badgers sweatshirts everywhere I turn, probably run into a pep rally at LAX. 

    Plenty of small dramas this year, but none to compare with some of the stories this year. Such a pleasure to meet here. Many thanks for all your support.

    Best wishes to all of you. Many days you give me a reason to get up.

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