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Could some of you comment on southwest and west shows

i live in the southwest and was wondering if anyone has done shows in the west or southwest could let us know how they did and what the show was like. The Balloon festival we got a report, boulder city art in the park we got a report, Are there any other shows that you all could report on. thanks

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Comment by mark zurek on October 24, 2010 at 10:30am
This link was posted by an artist that works that area:
Comment by steve appel on October 24, 2010 at 11:36am
i received an email from a group that runs a few of the Prescott art and craft shows, they are going on zapplication, and on facebook. Maybe zapp will help their attendance and QUALITY of their shows. I used to do their shows years ago but the money I made at the shows was less than the cost of the show. I also helped run one of their shows and a few of us tried to clean the show up, but they only wanted to fill space and could care less about who was selling what, so all the artists that were juried out eventually got back in. Buy/sell accounts for about 1/3 of the booths at most of the shows in Prescott. I walk the art shows when I am in town and have found that most of the shows can not fill spaces. Also quite a bit of the work let into the shows in buy/sell. So i hope going on zapp will help the quality, but living in this town I will not apply to any of the shows anytime soon. Unfortunately of the 8 or so shows put on in Prescott most of them let in buy/sell in Yes there are some good honest artists that do the shows. And yes there is a recession in AZ
Comment by Alison Armstrong on October 24, 2010 at 4:43pm
I guess it depends on what your media & style are -- but I'll comment on the shows I've done. Scottsdale is a lovely, laid-back show with excellent staff and a beautiful setting, but it's been one of the lower-sales shows I've done (my work is very contemporary and I tend to sell to a younger crowd.
I live in Utah so I've done Utah AF and Park City/Kimball AF for several years. My fave is UAF, although some people hate it because it's four days long and goes until 11 pm and it is HOT. But it has great energy and a young hip crowd if that is your thing. I've had great sales there.
Park City is a more conservative crowd, and despite the money that vacations there in the winter, the summer festival is mostly locals from the valley who come up to get out of the heat and drink beer. Western and landscapes do better there I think, and crafts. The parking/loading is an unbelievable nightmare - you're much better off hand-trucking if you can.
Summerfest shows (Logan and Ogden, Utah) - don't bother!!! Buy/sell, hot tubs even (! at a juried art show!!!) and very poorly run. Never again.
Cherry Creek is the creme de la creme, supposedly - but in 2008 is was miserably slow, with most artists I talked to just breaking even. Hopefully it's coming back up, but I'd say it is overrated.
Best show ever - Sausalito Art Festival. Great sales, great food, great staff, great weather, great everything. If you can get in, trust me, the exorbitant booth fees are worth it.
That's my 2 cents in a nutshell, to mix metaphors...
Comment by steve appel on October 24, 2010 at 5:13pm
Thanks i really appreciate the comments, i also do uaf and i can not wait to go back if i can get in. if was a great show for me and the long hours were not that bad. park city i have found another good show for me if i get in. the setup this year was easy went reallll early and teardown was a breeze put everything on the sidewalk waited about an hour and drove right up to booth i was sort of at the top of the hill. i live in az so i limit my drive to two days. i was told sausalito was a great show and i probably do very well, but i have a feeling they would think my work to crafty for there show. but may apply 2011. i also know that is labor day weekend and usually not available thanks again for you input i really appreciate it.
Comment by MICHAEL ALAN STIPEK on October 24, 2010 at 10:30pm
Will someone please tell me about the widely accepted myth that a show that uses ZAPPlications is supposed to have a higher quality than a show that doesn't? ZAPP doesn't control quality of either images of the artwork or of the booth image. I've seen just as much buy/sell in ZAPPlication shows as in non-ZAPP shows. It really depends how a show is juried, how the committee vetting the applications processes the accepted artists images and how they determine that which is hand made and that which is factory or mass produced. And often the show folks can't tell until the artists set up and their work is seen in their booths. Even then, many buy/sell artists get away with staying in a show - many shows won't boot an b/s artist out even if it is proven that they didn't do the work.

Matter of fact, I've found that the smaller, more neighborhood or local shows are more likely to boot a b/s booth out of the show than the majors. So, please don't let your decision to do a show is based on whether or not it is using ZAPP. E-mail or phone other artists, look at the large amount of literature available about shows, look at the website of the show itself to determine its level of sophistication (clicking on the logo on the show's ZAPP site should usually take you to the show's website or Google or Yahoo the show name and city). Look at a map to see if it's close to a metropolitan area that might feed potential buyers to that show. Check out the show's particulars, such as whether it's for the benefit of a new housing development (Barf!), a good social cause that has a national reputation (worth a chance), a sports venue (double barf!), etc. It's cheaper to spend some time looking at the show's background than sending in the booth fee, showing up and...tank!
Comment by steve appel on October 24, 2010 at 10:52pm
thanks for imput. i was told today by a friend that the new lady running the shows in prescott is going to clean at least two of them up.
Comment by MICHAEL ALAN STIPEK on October 24, 2010 at 11:05pm
If a small town like Prescott has eight shows per year, aren't the locals just burned out by all of these shows? And how will the locals - and the tourists - know what's a good, high quality show as opposed to one that has a lot of buy/sell in it? Most people seem to buy according to size and price, hence the prevalence of a lot of yard art, cheap jewelry, low priced inkjet prints, badly thrown and glazed pottery, and stuff on a stick one sees at even many juried shows. I think you might try just one Prescott show that seems to emphasize quality and a reasonable number of artists and just go on down the road to other shows in other cities.
Comment by Juno Holcomb on October 24, 2010 at 11:06pm
Please be aware of a promoter named Tim Barger in the Southwest. I don't think he dares to get anywhere near Tucson anymore, but still is in Phoenix, Chandler, Prescott area. He still has the money of many artists which he took and didn't produce a show from last May. It's always so sad to see artists conned and ripped off!!
Comment by steve appel on October 25, 2010 at 6:44am
i may do one show in prescott, but that is it, i travel around az, new mexico, colorado, utah, nevada and occasionally calif. Shows in these states keep me rather busy, also i get quite a few orders off the internet, and by word of mouth. but would like to try a new show every now and then
Comment by Juno Holcomb on October 25, 2010 at 8:40pm
I do quite a few Tucson shows during the winter. Most have gone down along with much of the country. I do 2 shows in Las Cruces NM that are still great...they get quite a lot of El Paso shoppers and they don't seem to know there is a crunch. Eastern CO has still been good for me also. I'm going to CA this week to see how the shows are doing there (around San Diego) and perhaps move my RV there for the Jan-March months.


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