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Cherokee Triangle in Louisville Ky: Creation and Destruction in the Eternal Recurrence of the Same

And God said, I will smite your tent down with wind and rain and hail.
And Lo, the security guard will raise you from your slumber and lead you to your crushed and sagging tent. He will provide you with light and encouragement in your hour of need.

But beware the False-prophet who will stop and with forked tongue declare your type of tent is banned from many-a-fair, or at least Columbus. He will try to distract you from your work but he will offer no assistance.

And you will lose all hope as you attempt to rid the canopy of the gallons of water that have crushed it. You will void your tent of its water with a pocket knife by puncturing it 9 times. And you will have to break many supports to get underneath it.

 The bent and twisted tent will rest on top of your pedestals on your center table. As you raise it up you will discover  your ceramics knocked to the ground and jostled to the side, and you will be Sore Afraid. But you will discover that nary a piece is broken, cracked or chipped. And you will be amazed.  Other artists will not be so lucky and you will know you have been chosen.

  And you will take this as a sign. Your first born son, hearing your wailing and gnashing of teeth,  will declare: Father, should we give up, pack and go home? But you will not despair, only wail and gnash some more, then go out in very very early Sabbath morn , and I will provide for you. You will scavenge bricks  block, wood and Bar, and you will resurrect  your tent from the soggy ashes (and you will remember to  seek out the vendors who 'contributed' to your resurrection in the morning's light to explain your thefts).

You will then take inspiration offered from your offspring, remove all the artwork, rearrange your pedestals and tables so as to hide the destruction and the center pole. And you will be grateful that I sent your first born on this expedition to assist you as you cannot do this on your own.

And lo on Sunday morn, the sun will shine, the ravenous crowds will come forth in great hoardes, and they will wonder at your artwork. Any your son will rise at noon.

Man and woman alike will place money and credit cards on your table and you will make many sales, though not as many as the bearded Prophet with the Double wide Skylight  kitty-corner to you.

 You will be wise, take the money I have provided you in the face of disaster, and you will seek out a new, worthier canopy. You will turn a deaf ear to the vendor across the way who admonishes you for having an unworthy tent from Cosco  instead of the superior Walmart pop-up, and you will know it could have been any of the other 20 or more Ez-Ups that escaped my wrath THIS TIME. You will remember the other 4 destroyed Ez-Ups at the fair, and you will know that no foam-swimming-noodle could have altered my wrath. And  you will see the light.

You will have a vision of your Sta-Bar you used to support your demolished tent, and you will seek a tent made of that very same mettle and know that it is special, although a bit heavy.  And you will purchase a Flourish Trimline with Sta-Bar and you will not look back, lest you be turned to stone. You will know the added weight and  time for setup will lead to comfort in trying times and you will be glad you paid through the nose for this tent. You will give me thanks as you carry the Old One to the dumpster as even the zippers will work on your new canopy which always bothered you with the Pop-up. You will be joyful because the Trimline walls will even fit in their carry bag, which the Pop-up never did. You will consider it more than a long overdue investment for the future, it is a gift .

You will be thankful for the three years the Pop-up lasted and know you are meant  to upgrade. And Lo, from this day forward  light will shine brightly through your  own Double Wide Skylight on your artwork. Your Ceramics  will be much admired by the descending hoards and will find safe harbor from the fury of the summer storms to come.  

And you will  go forth and preach the good news to all Art Fair creation and make disciples of your new canopy and break the cycle of the Eternal Occurrence of the Same.


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Comment by Virginia Dauth on May 16, 2012 at 7:02pm

Thomas - you are a hoot, The best ever post. God sure has a subtle way of telling something. Glad all your work survived. When I first decided to do out door shows I thought it prudent to purchase a good tent as I work in soft pastels, Frames glass the the whole 9 yards. I have never regretted that, as my Light Dome tent still looks brand new after 15 plus years but then again I take very good care of it as It would cost me twice what I payed for it originally.

May the sun gods prevail at all the rest of your shows!!

Comment by Annette Piper on May 16, 2012 at 6:14pm

Oh Thomas, what a wonderful post and I am glad to see you rose like a phoenix from the ashes!

Comment by mary kay olteanu on May 16, 2012 at 4:54pm

I changed from an ez up to a trimline when a tornado when thru an artfair and took 25 ez ups and left all trimlines alone! I am still looking for the remnants of my I only use ez ups for one day shows now.


Comment by AL NEWLIN on May 16, 2012 at 3:36pm

you need to find a better term to refer to flimsy tents other than "EZ UP" not all EZups are flimsy. the same brand makes some very sturdy canopies.  and not all curved top tents are durable. Besides the fact that there could be legal hazards to referring to a brand name in the negative on a show application, It is certainly misleading. In 25 yaers of doing shows I found that there is a lot more to it than the brand or shape. I currently use a scissor type canopy that is stouter than any other canopy I have ever seen. It is not the right of the show organizers to tell the artists what brand to buy or not. I have seen the aerodynamic lift of a light-dome lift straight up with 50 lbs on each corner with rubber bungees and craft huts flattened with the same weight hung too high. It is all a matter of careful prep. Four carefully placed clamps could have prevented the disaster that befell Mr Harris. the secrete is to tension the top in a way to provide drainage.

Comment by Kathleen J. Clausen on May 16, 2012 at 11:31am

This is a fantastic read!  Thanks for taking the time to think it through.  Continued luck through the rest of the season.  (I say "continued" because it seems that you didn't lose much of your art work.)

Comment by Marti McGinnis on May 16, 2012 at 10:08am


Comment by Gary & Maureen Shull on May 15, 2012 at 9:09pm

I just read this article on how to avoid the pitfalls of using an EZup popup tent and weather the heavy rain and wind... check it out, it may helpful to many of you... Enjoy!


Comment by Jacquelyn Zajac on May 15, 2012 at 8:13pm

OMG that is the funniest blog (and of course sad that you had to go through the stress)that I have ever read, and soooo sooo true. Having had a stronger "trimline style" heavy duty years ago and now having an EZup popup, I wondered how I will fair in bad a potter also, I believe that the EZups are "fair weather tents", light weight, great at keeping the sun out and in light rain. Good luck to you and keep writing!

Comment by Stephanie Nadolski on May 15, 2012 at 3:58pm

A River Runs Through It: 30 years or so ago I set up a white canvas pipe & drape like the flea market vendors used at the 4th street festival in Bloomington, Indiana.  There was a clap of thunder and it unleashed a torrent of water that seemed to be 50,000 toilets flushing all at once.  With ice chests, lumber and tool boxes floating by on the way down the hill I stood in my booth with water high thigh running through my booth.  Trying to keep the canopy from collapsing and also hold paintings above the torrent a well dressed man in a suit and nice leather shoes looked on at the scene and waded into the stream to offer me help. To this day I am awestruck by his generosity to help me.  The following week I bought a Craft Hut.

Comment by Connie Mettler on May 15, 2012 at 3:26pm

Zowee! A new author has emerged in our midst. Watch out Nels, Munks and Geoff, you have a contender here for Great Writer of the Year.

Many thanks Thomas for this excellent post.

Best wishes to you and your new Trimline.

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