The show is run by the Bonita Springs Art League.  Held three months in a row, I already blogged about the January show.

Longtime promoter Barry runs the show.  He is very good at it, has lots of experience.

The show is staged at a beautiful park on Old 41 in Florida, just north of Naples.

You can leisurely setup the Friday before.  It is a two day show.

The patrons are well-heeled and dress quite trendily. Lots of them are from the Midwest and have their winter condos here.  Also there is a sprinkling of New Englanders with some New Yorkers sprinkled in.

Shake well and mix it all up.

Oops! Was thinking about a top shelf margarita.

Well, same applies for sales.

They buy big stuff here, traditional as well as abstract.  Gotta be big and full of color.

What hurt this show this year was the hot weather, same effect hurt Winter Park.

Customers are spoiled down here.  They escape the snow and expect perfection down here.

When the heat screws things up, they rebel, big time, they do not buy.

Last year, my show here was fantastic.  This year, it was 50 per cent fantastic.

I saw some big art go out, just none of it was mine.  Very Lowend, most sales under $100.

Sunday, brought out the "tire-kickers".

And they were kicking and not buying.

This show and the other two here were troublesome with operating costs figured in.

Unless you booked a room months in advance, you were paying higher rates than I have ever seen before.

Baymont Inn over $250 a nite, give me a break.

Booth and jury fees amount to $500, figure gas, time, food,etc. a $3K does not cut it.

All three of mine down there were way less.

Time to cut back.

Sorry, short blog for me.  When a show is not good, I do not waste words.

Rather suck down tequila at the beach.

Later, Gators.

Next blog will be about my old hometown show, Mainsail, middle of April.10252943474?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • the sky doesn't look great, Nels, but a Corona at the beach sounds great to me!

  • I am blogging at my fav beachside bar, NSB, the Sea Vista.  Just finished a delice grouper sandwich and am working on my $3 Corona with Don Julio on the rocks.

    Staying focused, trying to write words that ring true.

    I see a little nap in the future.

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