Art on the Square, Williamsburg, VA (April 25)

Thanks so much to each of you for the fine show reviews that you've been sharing. It has been a while since I have posted a show review, but now that the season has started, here goes...

This year I will start the season with back-to-back Art on the Squares: first in Williamsburg, VA and then to Belleville, IL. Here's my first installment: Art on the Square, Williamsburg, VA:

I've started my show season with this show for the last 5 seasons (I'm 2D Photography). This is a one day show where you need to set up and take down on the same day (so it's a race). I actually like one day shows and this one gets all the kinks out from a few months of hibernation.

There was a threat of weather this year. Predictions were all over the place from a major thunder storm coming at the end of the day and even a prediction of a destructive hail storm. Needless to say, several artists chose to bail on the show and there were several empty spaces. I elected to stayed (I just couldn't see the weather fuss on my iPhone that everyone was talking about). The weather was cloudy in the morning but by afternoon it cleared to a beautiful day and cool breezes (just perfect).

Art on the Square has about 175 artists. The community really supports this show in numbers and in purchases. I've always found the buying energy strong in Williamsburg for non-traditional (I know that's probably surprising). Each year for the last 5, sales have top the previous year. This year was another strong show for me. You should also note that the application deadline for Art on the Square in Williamsburg is mid-November. Too bad, Nels, this show happens at the end of April before you migrate north. ;)

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