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Our first show of the year was a bomb. Not "da bomb", but a stink bomb, so we were really hoping that the Allentown Art Festival here in Buffalo would make up for it. Since we live in the neighborhood, it is way too easy to do and one tends to be more forgiving of so-so sales when one can bike home to walk the dogs in the middle of the day. 

Our assigned spot had a small parking lot right behind us, so we wanted to be up early to make sure we had a spot there. At 5:30, I jumped/staggered out of bed and made my way downstairs. Our big dog, Quincy, leapt up and raced me down which was unusual, but when he galloped to the couch and began to kiss Russell's face  I realized Russ must have had a restless night and come downstairs to watch TV.

"So, there you are" I said as I approached the couch, then, as I got closer "You're not Russell"

I didn't panic at first. We live in in the neighborhood where a big art festival was happening and it would not have been unusual for my guy to invite random artists to crash at our house. I went upstairs and asked him who was sleeping on the couch, his eyes popped wide and he said "Someone's sleeping on the couch?" I told him he needed to put his pants on and get downstairs.

Brave me waited halfway down the stairs, cell phone in hand, while Russ turned on some lights and stared down ant the sleeping guy. When he started nudging him and asking, "Who are you? hey, wake up, who are you" I got nervous. The guy eventually came around and slurred "I'm Kevin". Russ asked "Do I know you?" and the guy said that sure we knew him and when Russ advised him otherwise, brave me on the stairs with the cell phone called down "I have the phone in my hand and I am calling the cops if you don't leave this minute!"

He shuffled off to the kitchen to put his shoes on and started to apologize and which point I shook my big scary iPhone at him, advising him that I was sure he was sorry but we did not know him and he had to leave right now. I was amused inside that he was polite enough to shuck his shoes at the door.

Apparently, this lanky 20 something kid from the suburbs had been partying during the night and friends directed him to their house to sleep it off instead of driving and he got the wrong house and we had neglected the lock up during the pre show craziness.

"Kevin" became the punchline of the weekend. "where's the bag of bungee cords?" Kevin borrowed them. "I'm going to bike home and walk Quincy" Ask Kevin to do it. "Who got Best of Show?" Kevin for Confused Media. And on and on.

The show turned out to be decent for us, thanks to a beautiful, sunny Sunday.  Allentown is a huge show that spawned an adjacent non-juried show and more yard sales than you can count. Lots of competition for that mythical "20 dollar bill". 

Now I just need to rest my weary bones and train Quincy how to be a watch dog. Maybe Kevin can do it.

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Comment by Elle Heiligenstein on June 11, 2013 at 11:34am
This is a hoot!! I will let Kevin crash on my couch if he will do laundry and walk the dogs LOL
Comment by Connie Mettler on June 11, 2013 at 2:38pm

This event is one of "those" shows with lots of stories around them. Here's another one:

Comment by Connie Mettler on June 12, 2013 at 11:13am

Now I just found these 10 photos of Allentown 2013, in case anyone wants to check out the ambiance:

Comment by Pat Sorbini on June 12, 2013 at 11:30am

It is annoying to me that there are more photos of Allen "West" which is a non-juried show that attached itself to A'town some years ago. There are some good artists in there, but it is mostly funky crafts and imports. Oh well, losing battle on the parasite shows I think.


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