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Well it is over for Lu and Wallace Fuller in the Art Fair world. 

We traded in our 2005 art fair van with 365,000 miles for a small SUV.

Lu and I did our first Art Fair after being married for just one month, It was the Plaza in Kansas City in September of 1967. She sold a number of rose paintings (2"x3") and she made $25. Her last show was Waveland in Lexington, Ky. in September of 2018, That was 51 years in the Art Fair world.

The end of the trail was when I had a back infection that put me in the hospital for a year and I had to have two knee operations because the infection migrated to my knee.

I will keep up with the Art fair world but will not be part of it,

Wallace  Fuller    

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Comment by Robert Wallis on August 8, 2020 at 8:01pm

Sorry to see you go but when it hurts too much, it's time to hang it up or back off. We've been at the same shows a few times, and a couple times close neighbors. We'll miss you. I didn't realize you weren't around last year, but last year had enough health issues that it came close to being my last one also. I'm hoping for a few more years, and just crossing me fingers that the knees and other parts hold up long enough. Maybe you guys can still walk some of those Kentucky shows and we can run into you again :-)

Comment by Larry Berman on August 6, 2020 at 8:27pm

Stay well. It's been good knowing you.

Larry Berman

Comment by Wallace Fuller on August 6, 2020 at 11:29am

Connie, We lived in the Kansas City area for over 30 years and when NASCAR bought out our subdivision to built the Kansas Speedway we moved in 2000 to Maysville, KY on the farm where Lu grew up. We are surrounded by family and have enjoy the small town and farm life.

I think that we lived thru the best and the worst of the Art Fair world, the worst being now, We did most of the major shows from Park City, Main Street, Coconut Grove  to Paradise City  and all of the shows in the south.

Comment by Connie Mettler on August 5, 2020 at 6:05pm

We'll miss you Wally, and Lu too. You were always a classy show and great neighbors at an art fair. 1967! It was easier for sure then and I'd bet you were thrilled with the $25 at the Plaza. We started in 1978, so you two were real pioneers. What did you do for back up in those days when you were getting started? I stayed at my teaching job for four years and all our friends thought I was crazy to give up that security. Wouldn't mind having that pension now but my life has been so much richer. I'm very glad I made that choice.

Over the years Norm and I probably did at least 50 shows with you. I hope you'll be healthy and be able to make at least one more lap around a big art fair once this COVID lifts. Where are you settled now? I personally want to thank you for your support, emotional and financial over the year. You were probably one of the first 100 members here. 

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