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Artists, this is a time for you to stand up for yourself and be the artist you created of yourself. It's time to get rid of the selfish sharks and let organizers that lead with their heart come in. 

BOYCOTT ANY Art Fair NOT giving full refunds and put them on notice.  When art fair makes the decision not to give you a full refund for not coming through on what you paid for they are letting you know they do not possess the proper liability tools to be accountable which makes them unfit to be leaders and organizers. They aren't on your side and we ain't in this together when these are the conditions so push back.

Paypal, banks and credit cards WILL investigate and WIN claims. Money doesn't know hysteria, pandemics and nor does it abide by acts of god, so get what you paid for. You didnt sign up for a partial refund. You didnt get accepted for a postponed date. Get your full refund

A friend and art fair colleague of mine gave me info that Rio Grande only gave their artists 20% refund. Rio Grande, be ashamed of yourself when these artists need their resources. I've done Rio Grande Holiday Show, along with their family affiliate, Cheeseman Park in Denver. I AM NOW BOYCOTTING ALL YOUR SHOWS AND THIS WILL BE THE STORY I SHARE AS TO THE REASON WHY.

Let these organizers END!!! Because youre all replaceable. But good art that sparks life in the community,  thats another lesson to learn which I'm sure your all aware of...otherwise organizers wouldnt organize these profitable events.

The free water in plastic bottles, fake smiles, unhealthy artist dinners don't matter anymore. 

Time to burn the bridges to the selfish. Black list us all.

So artist, add to the list of greedy and share with love those Art Fair Organizers that come prepared, think with their hearts and treat us like were apart of the family.

For me the Art Fairs that show care and LOVE for their artists are:

Oklahoma City




And hold zapplication accountable as the third party that exchanges money for product, just like paypal and ebay.

This is serious that requires your action!!!

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Comment by Mark Zirinsky on March 21, 2020 at 10:43am

I was also quite surprised to learn that Rio is only refunding 20%. 

Having been a business owner for 40+ years, with physical facilities, and expenses (property taxes, insurance, utilities, employees, workman's comp, mortgage, the list goes on), I understand the need to balance cash flow vs expenses. I also understand the need to isolate each business activity, for example each year's show, as its own business activity that must stand, or fail, on its own; in this case, a specific show for 1 year.

I applaud those shows that are giving full refunds; they are taking an enormous financial hit to do so, but they are the best shows, and will do that, in spite of the financial pain. For the 3 shows so far that have offered me the option to either a) postpone till the next show, jury exempt, or b) a full refund, I have, without a moment's hesitation, taken the option for the next show. 

I applaud, for example, the Scottsdale Arts festival, even though they canceled after I and others were mostly setup (for which they profoundly and deeply apologized multiple rimes), they are doing 100%. Same for the other shows I am in, Main Street Ft Worth, Chicago uptown (if they have to reschedule), 

Within reason, I don't care all that much about the booth fee; it is a smaller part of my overall artistic expense (tools, materials, copyright application fees, jurying fees, travel related  expenses, hotels) and certainly doesn't even matter when gauged against the huge investment of time and effort we all put into our work. What I do care about is the reputation and caliber of the show. The option of a 100% refund speaks to the quality and professionalism of the art show organization; 20% also speaks.

Perhaps it is not fair to compare a non profit, partially supported with tax dollars, with a for profit, with no other funding than whatever they can bring in; Ok, lets compare two promoters. What is, say, Amdur's policy? Well, they have offered 100% refunds. They seem to get it: reputation is very important, they are willing to take the financial hit

Yes, we all sign a statement that says, basically, the organizers can cancel for any or no reason, and we might or not see a dime. All of that said, 20%, though, that is such a small amount, they shouldn't bother, in my opinion.

Has anyone compiled a list of canceled shows, ranked by % of booth fees refunded? Although I think I can anticipate the results: the best shows will behave as such, the 2nd tier will do what they can, and for the 3rd rate shows, it is tough luck.

Comment by Jacki Bilsborrow on March 23, 2020 at 9:27pm

Barry Bernstein started a threads over a week ago for a place to post cancelations.  People have posted about shows that are no giving refunds.  You can find Barry's post in the laft hand column on the Home page.  It is called "Art Fair Cancellations - - Post here.

Comment by Lynn McAleer on March 25, 2020 at 3:38pm

Well, I had to put in a dispute with the bank against Vintage Market Days of Columbus Ohio. Tons of emails until you ask for your money back :::cricket sounds::: NOTHING!! This is disgusting, most artists have very little coming in with all these shows canceled. They should be ashamed of themselves.


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