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Many, many thanks for all the pledges. This was one of our most successful pledge drives so far. I appreciate your generosity, some of you for many, many

years. The art fair business thrives under its community umbrella. Sharing with one another enriches everyone. 

Here are the names drawn today in the order in which they were drawn. Everyone on this list should take look at the prize page here and make a choice and send that choice to me:

Obviously the first few people will get their top choices, so the 

farther you are down on the list please send me at least 3 choices.

Please let me hear from you by late Sunday. If you haven't contacted me by then I'll move on to the next person. On Monday morning any prizes

that have not been claimed will be given to others whose name was not drawn in the "great prize grab."

  1. Debbie Stillman chooses: $200 gift certificate from Pro Panels

  2. John Houle chooses: a $300 Flourish gift certificate

  3. Patricia Venaleck chooses: the Ring Doorbell from

  4. Carolyn Copper chooses:$200 gift certificate from Pro Panels

  5. Lou Ann Grover chooses: a $300 Flourish gift certificate

  6. Cheri Nugent: $100 Amazon gift card from

  7. Wallace Fuller: "Please donate my number back into the pool of prize winners."

  8. Heidi Mandich: Turtle Creek Arts Festival, Dallas - April 13-14, 2020

  9. Patty DeMaria: $200 gift certificate from Pro Panels

  10. Ally Farkas: $100 gift certificates for any products on Red River Paper's website. 

  11. Jean Block: "Impact Splash," from

  12. Janet Muchnik: Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set from

  13. Sara Shambarger: Photography for Jury or Booth from

  14. Kristine Ritter: Ingot CanopyWeight Set from

  15. Richard Sherer: Earrings and necklace from

  16. Robert Pangman: "Pass mine to the next person."

  17. Jacqueline Gomez: Free booth space at Art Spectacular in Springfield, IL

  18. Judith Spector

  19. Christine Lush-Rodriguez: 1 year subscription to NEW Art Fair SourceBook Essential Directory of Arts and Crafts Events
  20. Layl McDill: 1 year subscription to NEW Art Fair SourceBook Essential Directory of Arts and Crafts Events

  21. Kathryn Nidy: Free booth space at the Sandy Springs Artsapalooza from

  22. Tina Noonan: $150 certificate from Larry Sanders,

  23. Fletcher Dean$100 gift certificates for any products on Red River Paper's website. 

  24. Lori Burns: $100 gift certificates for any products on Red River Paper's website.

  25. Wise Owl Artworks

  26. Salina Kalnins - $100 gift certificates for any products on Red River Paper's website

  27. Brent Coulter: Website review from Franklin Piuck, Cyberhenge, Inc.

  28. LE Maynard Enterprises: Holbein Acrylic paint set from

  29. Patricia Monaco: FM Clock radio with iPhone charger from

  30. Ron Gage: Art consulting with Trudi van Dyke

  31. Victoria Jackson: Free booth space for Spring Festival on Ponce

  32. Anne Harding: Advertising on for art fair

  33. Brian Bass: Fancy twin hanging water garden from

  34. Barry Bernstein: Holbein Acrylic paint set from

  35. John Jassy

  36. Ann Anglim: "Marketing Strategies for Artists," an e-course from Carolyn Edlund of

  37. Beverley Cox: Fancy twin hanging water garden from

  38. Pam Wiggins: Consultation with Connie Mettler

  39. George Ceffalio: Vintage 2009 AFSB Volume 1 book from CC Barton

  40. Jean Einstein: 16 x 20 Framed Photograph
    "Colorful Dining" by Larry Sohn

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Comment by Connie Mettler on June 4, 2019 at 4:29pm
Comment by Dave Grabarczyk on June 5, 2019 at 8:17pm

Thanks so much for the prize!  There are always some interesting topics being discussed on the web site to read.  Keep up the good work!

Comment by Brent Coulter on Tuesday

Thank you Connie and Art Fair Insiders for another prize from the pledge drive.  Last year I won a gift certificate from Pro Panels and this year I got the web site review from Franklin Piuck with Cybergenge.  Frank has already sent me a couple emails loaded with some great tips to improve my site.  I can't wait to implement his ideas!  So, a big thanks to Pro Panels, Cybergenge and everyone else who donates to the pledge drives. 

Comment by Connie Mettler on Tuesday

So glad to hear that, Brent. Maybe I need Cyberhenge for myself also ...


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