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Call for Artists: St. James Court Art Show - Fourth Street Section

October 4, 5 & 6
Louisville, KY
Presented By: South Fourth St. Association
155 Artists
Deadline: April 1
Notification Date: May 1
Application Fee: $30     Booth Fee: $565
St. James remains a true grassroots non-profit art show, fueled by passionate volunteers for the benefit of the community. The show is held in the heart of historic Old Louisville, which boasts the largest collection of Victorian homes in the country. Old Louisville is an elegant backdrop for this display of fine arts and contemporary crafts drawing patrons from all over the region. A destination art show attracting 200,000+ visitors annually!
In the spirit of a non-profit, we recognize our artists as our partners and part of our mission. We make every effort to keep costs down and we are very proud to have kept our artist fees as low as possible. We don't have the expensive porta potties or gourmet vip tents, but our resident-volunteers will treat you as respected, valued guests. Our host teams visit artists daily offering snacks, water, help with booth sitting and information. We deliver free lunch on Friday, host a dinner Saturday night, offer complimentary soft drink and beer tickets and give $2500 in cash awards.
Program for patrons with artist listing, artist advertising opportunities in the program. Extensive Facebook campaign, Instagram, media interviews with promoters before show and artists during show, media onsite throughout show, regional magazines, rack cards, sponsorships with Fortune 500 brands, community involvement.

  • "I have nothing but praise for the efficient and well-done organization of this   event. Set-up, load-out, great volunteers - the best!" 
  • "Yours is the most organized show we have been to".
  • "Volunteers, hosts, everyone is great."
  • "Your group is wonderful. We are completely taken care of here more than any other show."
More Information:
Contact: Elaine Steele  (502) 635-3711

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Comment by margaret luttrell on March 13, 2019 at 9:11am

Love this show. After years of putting it on the backburner because it was the Fall version of Ann Arbor, I did it for the first time last year. It wasn't the only section I got into, but a friend told me that they liked 4th St best. I have nothing to compare to that, and after walking the show I saw as many people in 3rd St as I did the Court, so I think it is a show where everyone visits each section. The people organizing the 4th St. Section was incredibly organized. They made it feel like a family affair with a great dinner and award party on Saturday night which was really nice. The prize money was nice too (wink, wink). The nice thing about 4th St. is that there are no hidden corners. It's one straight shot down the street and you know you are in that section. The others are all over the place with 3rd St. angled around streets and the Court with some unusual configurations. Belgravia gets great traffic but it's a hell of a load in and out. Actually, they all get great traffic. It was one of my best shows last year. And I love Louisville, what a cool city.

Comment by Connie Mettler on March 13, 2019 at 10:05am

Thanks for this comment, Marge. We did St. James for 23 years, always on the Court with loyal customers. But, you make a good point about the straight shot on 4th Street (and the terrible load in/out on Belgravia). It may be easier to navigate for customers also, but once they are on that street  it is unlikely they will miss a booth.

I love Louisville too. The St. James neighborhood, the cool historical features in the downtown, the good food! The very nice people who attend the show. And, the fact that once you're in you may likely be invited back so you make friends with the neighbors and your nearby artists. 

Comment by Elaine Steele on March 13, 2019 at 11:12am

Thanks Margaret!  We appreciate the feedback and look forward to seeing you again in the fall.  

Comment by Larry Sohn on March 13, 2019 at 10:41pm

I agree with much of what you wrote except one thing... "I think it is a show where everyone visits each section.". No, the show is huge. Many people do not go through every section. 

There are lots of good sections. Depending on you medium, price points and way of presenting, pick the section that caters to your art. It is an awesome town. I love the architecture and the people.

I think it is a great show. I like the Belgravia section (I'm invited back). Tons of traffic flow. Great hospitality. Load in / out was not a problem for me. (I have a secret I will NOT share). The only problem is getting people off the conveyor belt.

Comment by Harry Mackie on March 14, 2019 at 12:19pm

From our view on 3rd street.........the crowd were carrying more alcoholic drinks than packages!  We are giving up on it after 22 years!  The court has evolved into a social drinking party - thanks to the Court group running the show!

Comment by Larry Sohn on March 14, 2019 at 1:24pm

I have heard that about certain sections of the show. I saw none of that at Belgravia. However I hear that about many of the large shows... Artists will state certain sections suffer from the above. Very difficult to know for sure until we do the section ourselves. Which can be a costly mistake. We must rely on our fellow artists to guide us, accurately. 

As far as hospitaltiy, the has likely been the most hospitable show I have ever been to.

Comment by margaret luttrell on March 14, 2019 at 1:41pm

I can only speak for 4th St. And they seemed to be buying on my stretch. I had a jeweler next to me that did great and a potter friend that did well too. I'm 2D mixed media and I did have a good show.  Of course, the other is entirely possible. Every show has those that do well and those that bite the bullet. Usually, either it isn't your market, your placement doesn't work or maybe you are just off that weekend...a good show isn't a given anymore...just because it's an established show.... and when you have one it's pretty sweet and reason to celebrate. 


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