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Bayou City Art Festival Makes A Whopping Donation to Charity!

Houston - Don't you just love to hear some good news? Our congratulations to the organizers of the Bayou City Art

Festival for the success of their October event, hard on the heels of Hurricane Ike. Who would have thought? From the Houston Press: "The folks over at the

2008 Bayou City Art Festival Downtown have finished counting up their earnings and figuring out who gets what, so tonight they're handing out checks to the non-profits organizations they support.… Continue

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Starving Artists? Not so, says New York Times

"Some artists have begun to figure out ways to make money and make art — aiming to end the notion that “starving” and “artist” are necessarily linked," says writer Marci Alboher.

"Rather than seeing art as something to pursue in the hours when they are not earning a living, these artists are developing businesses around their talents. These artists are part of a growing movement that has caught the attention of business experts and is being nudged along by both art and business… Continue

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Cool Link: Art for Obamans

If you haven't seen all the cool art work created around our President-elect it is kind of fun to see what the artists are doing. Creativity surrounding his image blooms everywhere. You should enjoy these very cool images at artist Shepard Fairey's website: This image is created by Aussie artist, Eamo, and can be purchased on his website: …


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Call for Entries: Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

July 9-12 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts 43rd Annual Sidewalk Sale and Exhibition Downtown State College and Penn State Campus 300 Exhibitors Deadline: January 30, 2009 Applications available online: Why should you apply to this festival? Here is what its' director, Rick Bryant, has to say: -It is always ranked in the Top Ten in the

Sunshine… Continue

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You Were Thinking Hand Made Gifts Were Passe`...

When a large corporation like Hewlett-Packard jumps on the handmade bandwagon you know that as an artist/craftsperson that you are definitely on the leading edge (no, not bleeding) of a cultural trend. A recent newsletter from them states, "The Best Gifts Are Hand-Made." Of course it goes on to discuss how one can use the HP products to make these hand made gifts, but any smarty knows that Play Station games and plasma TV's aside, recipients treasure the one of a kind.

I hope the… Continue

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Who Has Jobs and How Does That Affect Your Art Fair Earnings?

When I read this column from the Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk, Reason to give thanks: There is no job shortage for young people recently I was pretty stunned. Perhaps that is because I'm not one of the young people, nor unhappily, spend much time with this age group.

Its conclusions are very interesting:

1. Jobs for low-level candidates are increasing

2. There are plenty… Continue

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Another Art Fair Bites the Dust - in Michigan, Where Else?

In October the University Cultural Center Association in downtown Detroit announced announced that it will not produce the

Detroit Festival of the Arts in 2009 due to the construction of the Midtown Loop Greenway. The Midtown Loop is part of a two mile green-way trail following existing street patterns linking Wayne State University and the Detroit Medical Center and incorporating a variety of planting beds to separate pedestrians from vehicle traffic; help the community… Continue

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Artrageous Ranked #1 Art Fair

Okay, I think it's time I ran a contest to see what is the #1 art fair in the country. I recently received this notice: "Artrageous ranked No. 1 festival by AmericanStyle magazine."

What is Artrageous? Where is it held? Why haven't I heard of it? Who is American Style profiling? What does this mean about the ratings systems? Do you care?

Congratulations to Artrageous, obviously many people care about your event and you must be doing some very good things.

Read… Continue

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15 Life Lessons Learned at the Nation's Art Fairs

This post was so interesting to me and such a good example of the indefatigable spirit prevalent among art fair artists that I needed to repost it here so everyone could be inspired. Here is Barbara Sistak Baur's post of her first year at art fairs. "I purchased my very first display panels last spring from Connie. She is so gracious and she

asked me to “report in” on my first year in the art fair business. So, here it goes – “The Unforgettable Life-Lessons I Learned During My… Continue

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Florida Craftsmen Present CraftArt 2008

I really thought I knew about all the Florida shows worth mentioning but this event,

CraftArt 2008, in downtown St. Petersburg, held on November 22 and 23, was brought to my attention by a comment

Matthew Hatala made on the topic "

Did Anybody Make Any Money This Weekend?"

Collette Fortin of Neptune Hot Glass making the sale I visited the event's website:… Continue

Added by Connie Mettler on December 10, 2008 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

Call for Entries: Brookside Art Annual, Kansas City, MO

May 1, 2 & 3

24th Annual Brookside Art Fair

Kansas City, MO

190 Artists

Deadline: January 12

Located in an eclectic neighborhood in the center of Kansas City, you'll love Brookside. It is just minutes from downtown, the Plaza and the southern suburbs. The Brookside Art Annual is known for its festive atmosphere, hospitality, convenience, and has become a must-attend event for artists and art seekers alike.

You need to know:

*… Continue

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Will You Be in Florida This Weekend?

16th annual American Craft Show comes to Sarasota

" It’s the perfect time of year for the 16th annual American Craft Show, which will bring some of the best artistry in the nation to Sarasota this weekend — from one-of-a-kind toys and home accessories to colorful clothes and distinctive jewelry. The three-day event is a holiday shopper’s paradise.

What makes this juried show even more appealing is that it only visits six cities in the United States each… Continue

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A participant in the Powers Crossroads Event in Georgia?

Interesting news about this popular event has recently emerged:

"Each year for three days in September -- Labor Day weekend -- the busiest place in Coweta County is the Powers Crossroads grounds off Highway 34 West near the Heard County line.

Those three days the Powers' Crossroads Country Fair and Art Festival takes place on the nearly 100-acre site owned by five local organizations -- Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce, Newnan-Coweta Art Association, Coweta 4-H,… Continue

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Wanted: Crafts People from Tampa/Clearwater for PR

My network has just brought me an inquiry from a writer who wants to talk with an artist/craftsperson who lives and/or exhibits in the Tampa/Clearwater areas of Florida. This is what she is looking for:

"I need info on the craft scene in the above location. Are you a designer? fabric artist? a woodworker? Folk artist? Do you participate in art/craft shows in this region?"

Respond to this post and I'll forward you the information.

Added by Connie Mettler on December 3, 2008 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Call for Entries: Beckman's Handcrafted, at the Chicago Market

January 17-20 The Merchandise Mart Chicago A leader in handmade resources for more than 35 years,

Beckman's Handcrafted is a unique and affordable opportunity for artists to establish their brand, build their studio business, and grow as both an artist and as an "artrepreneur". The

Beckman's Handcrafted show invites artists of a wide variety of talent - functional, fiber, 2D, 3D, Fine Accessories, Bath & Body, Contemporary and Classic accents… Continue

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Call for Entries: One of a Kind Show - NYC

One of a Kind Wholesale Show™ NYC

January 24-27, 2009

Jury Deadline: December 1st

The One of a Kind Wholesale Show NYC provides an exclusive opportunity for high quality artists and artisans to bring their works to independent retailers that differentiate themselves by offering one-of-a-kind product!

One of a Kind artists, artisans and designers who sell wholesale - we invite you to apply!

The perfect opportunity for… Continue

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"One thing the financial crisis shows is that the United States is in trouble because Americans have stopped making stuff"-CSM

My thanks to Michael Solomon who forwarded me this thoughtful article from the Christian Science Monitor:

"It used to be that we made a lot of stuff: televisions, clothes, washing machines, radios, typewriters, shoes, telephones, and furniture. And we also used to make the stuff out of which stuff was made: steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, glass, and electrical components. Today that's largely made overseas. They send us their stuff… Continue

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America Needs You, Really! Creative People as Civic Leaders

etching by Tom Huck

A couple of years I attended an ArtServe conference in Lansing, MI, where I heard Tom Tressor, the "Creativity Champion", exhort us to Art the Vote. Tom's mission is standing up for creativity, and encouraging creative people to seek public office.

We've just been through this tremendous political activity. I know many of you were inspired by it and aren't quite ready to go back to things as they were. Are you… Continue

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The "Really Bad Art Show" - Rewarding the Winner

The Avon, CT, Farmington Valley Arts Center needed a new idea to draw patrons to the art center for a fundraiser. "The idea for the Bad Art Show came when the two dozen artists and the board of directors that make up the arts center wanted a new approach to attracting visitors to their studios. Every year, the arts center hosts a series of events during the holiday season, and members were determined to do something extra creative this year," reports the Hartford… Continue

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Your Challenge Today, If You Should Choose to Accept it...

Yes, it is Sunday morning on a long holiday weekend. There were very few art fairs this weekend. Those of you who are online should be ready for this challenge from an old friend of mine who is looking for your most outrageous art fair/craft show story and who wants me to:

1. "spice this _ _ _ _ _ _ up a bit

2. stimulate the prurient to expose to the…


Added by Connie Mettler on November 29, 2008 at 7:00pm — 3 Comments

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