Art Show Application App

Hello Fellow Artists,

I am thinking about developing a phone app for artists to help with their show applications. It will be super easy, super simple to use with great interface, and will help to organize what shows you have applied to or wanting to apply to. 

Do you feel there is a need for this? I do. :) 

Thanks for your feedback, 

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    Heike Strobel

    good idea, if it will be easy to handle

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    Layl McDill

    I would be interested. I use google sheets but I feel like something designed specifically for art fair artists could be really fabulous. I wouldn't need to have images on it just a way to keep lists of shows I am considering applying to. It would be great to connect the shows to a map too. I keep track of which shows are near each other by color coding but it's hard to remember my coding sometimes. Keep us updated and good luck!
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      Wendy Merkle

      I am with Dawn on this.. that is what I would want.