Fulltime RVers traveling to Art Fairs

Is there anyone else out there whose primary residence is their RV and they do not have a physical residence anywhere? I ask because this will soon be my situation. I have just returned to the US after working overseas for 7 1/2 years. I plan to purchase a travel trailer and travel around to art fairs. I will not have a physical residence. I plan to declare my domicile as Arkansas in that is where I am from and want to keep my medical network in that area.

Here is the issue I am running into...I checked into getting liability insurance for my art fair business but they won't insure me if I don't have a physical residence. I running into the same issue with getting health insurance. I have a mail service with an Arkansas address but not a residence.

If you are living in your RV, I would love to hear the solutions you have for my predicaments. Thanks in advance for your advice!


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    Carol Larsen

    I recommend you join, if you haven’t already, some of the full time rv’s Groups on FB. They cover residency issues, insurance, etc. 

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      Larry Sohn

      You  might also look into "Passport America" and "Good Sam", I have found them useful in saving money on many things related to RVs and travel.

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        Thomas Schoeller


        This is something we (wife and I) are on the cusp of doing ourselves. Lot's of things to iron out, especially carrying my inventory which is all large format print media, and backfilling inventory while on the road. 

        We have family in western Montana, may lean towards parking there for longer periods, especially since I shoot the wilderness in Glacier so frequently. 

        So many folks are doing it, granted the number is much smaller when you consider how many professional "fulltime traveling RV living art galleries" compared to ordinary freedom lovers. Hope the link helps