The only thing I ask you God.

This Oscar talking to God. It may not make any sense and may not be clear English, it is just my mind talking and typing.

I do not know what to expect this year since I change my body work a bit. My first show is Cottonwood Art Fair and last One of a Kind Chicago. Waiting for the Sugar Creek, Bucktown Art Fair, La Plaza and Historic Shaw. My high of the preseason was that I got into Lakefront Arts Festival Milwaukee. I am hoping to apply to more shows for the fall. Also I am planing to start early March 2014.

Read post by Nels and Munks. They both have great points and Bless both of them. The truth is they have the courage to express what we feel but we are afraid to express.

This last Xmas my knee staring to give me problems. In last few months I drain both knees at least three times. My right knee is getting roaster combo injections and it starting feeling better. After cottonwood  I will see how they feel. The pain is not pleasant at time but I am grateful to be able to walk.

What is my point you may ask God? There are people that want you do well but most people want you to fail. Do not ask why but it is just an observation. I got to the point that want everybody to do well and more important to be able to meet all obligations in life. If I see you at the show just said hi. If you want we can always can go out for friendly dinner. When I travel to a show I am only going with you God. Eating dinner alone sucks. If God let me meet a friendly female do not think the wrong thing. Last year I learn not ask where you are staying or to smile because Oh my God..... One thing for sure I got divorce and I have not interest in dating any artist. So do not worry about that. If I see a friendly male artist lets us have dinner and not I not in that side of the fence neither. Eating dinner alone sucks and talking to God to myself is bit CRAZY at times.

If you want to be fellow artist want to talk politics do not expect me to change my mind. I very in the middle and more Democrat than conservative. I like to able to choose. Some people do not believe in that. Do not talk to me about you, God and the church. I almost became a priest but after looking at the church, ......well .....

Last time I check God can only help you if you help yourself. Buy the lottery ticket if you want God to help you win the lottery.

I am sure I got more things in my mind but what is the point to express them. You do not care other than God wants us to be good, at least that what my faith believe.

So, God if you let me meet fellow artist let them be friendly and I wish you the best. God let me see my friends I will like to talk about life not about the art that we sale. God let friends have the smarts to tell me if I am doing something wrong so I can improve. The only company I have is you God. God you also knows that so bad that Devil does not want me in hell because I will exile him from hell. So do not think I am stupid.

The best thing about starting a new season is that you are full of hope and joy. That I am grateful that can still walk. I am grateful that can hope to move my work. The only thing I ask God today that he help me to sale my work and be able to meet my obligations. I did my part God, I produce new work and apply the best two advice from my friends to my work. Best thing Armando who gave some advice in the One of Kind Show will be the neighbor at the first show of the season.

At this point I will be 46 very soon GOD. I just want a simple quiet life and no worry where my next meal will come from. And God because I want I simple life it does mean I want to be poor and the other ways you may think. I want you know that appreciate all the lessons in life  and every single bad experience. That I only hate some people because they want to hurt me. I do not want anything bad to happen to them I just do not want them to be in my life.

Please God this is the only prayer you get from me. You know that gave all the tools in life and is my choice to use them wisely. I just want you let me have profit year and meet my obligations because is in your hands now because I had done my part. I almost forgot help the fellow artist to have good sales because I do not want negative feed back when you are helping me to have a great show after great show because I already did my part and will keep doing my part in our agreement.

To you all my fellow artist I wish you the best and be happy because the fellow artist next to you may become homeless or very poor in many nasty ways or some many other bad things that can happen to him that you may not know. For all you please do you part to improve your life and do not make other people life more difficult. The rest is up to you GOD.

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  • MIchelle Monet

    Thanks Oscar. Beautifully said:)

  • Jacki Bilsborrow

    Thanks Oscar for sharing your prayer with us.  May we all strive to think of these things and have peace in our daily lives.  Good luck on your show schedule.  It looks like you have some good shows coming up.  Sell lots.

  • Kathryn Looby

    Oh Oscar, you never are truly alone.  When you sit in that booth there He is.  When you sit in that hotel room, He's there watching along with you.  I talk to Him all the time, sometimes I get and answer but usually just a soul smile.  

    I chuckled when you mentioned the lottery, as I remember my Dad asking why he didn't win.  He even go so upset once that he yelled.  Then he smiled and laughed.  I as "What?"  He turned and told me that God told him he didn't win 'cause he hadn't picked the right numbers.  Yes God has a sense of humour.  

    You are right, do your part and leave the rest to Him.

    Hope to meet you someday ... all the best for this season