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Waterfront Fine Art & Wine Festival

Scottsdale, AZ

Thunderbird Artists


This was a beautiful venue on  the canal in Fashion Square Mall.  Setup on Thursday started at 10am and I was able to park close to my booth space to unload and setup.  Beautiful weather all three days and sales were good for most artists that I talked to with a few not so good.  Friday traffic was kind of slow and no sales.  Saturday traffic was slow until after the Parada Del Sol parade then it  picked up and sold one of my higher priced items at $1,500 and a few smaller sales.  Sunday traffic was a slow start an sales were good for my lower priced items.  In summary, my sales were good and would do this show again.  Thunderbird Artists did a great job organizing this event, they had golf carts with trailers to help artists that needed it during setup, security was excellent and they made sure everyone followed the rules which made for a great show.

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Scottsdale Waterfront show in Scottsdale, AZ.

2017 was my first time doing the Waterfront show in Scottsdale and it was a success. Thunderbird Artists really does know how to put on a great show. No buy and sell, no T-shirts, no soap-on-a-rope. Just high quality fine art and the best of the best.

Load in can be tough because you have to either dolly in or use the golf carts. It all went smoothly. I was given a wonderful space near the fountain and had plenty of room to show my artwork.

Denise, Judy, and their entire crew area always there to help you in any way.

The waterfront show is really a beautiful setting, a shopping district and high-end homes above. Parking is easy and plentiful for both the exhibitors and the public. Many of the patrons were from the buildings surrounding the show and many more were from upscale neighborhoods in the Phoenix area (I know because I delivered to some very fancy neighborhoods).

The weather was perfect which I think brought out a lot of people. Most buyers were from the area however many were from the east coast (snowbirds). I did have to ship a piece to Michigan. My buyers were not holding tight to their wallets and purses. They were buying what they wanted.

Music at art festivals is either a "Heck No / Other" experience for us artists. Music at this show was perfect. Near me was a very talented piano player who did 70's and 80's hits, and he did fairly well with the patrons. I always get "tired" of hearing the same songs over and over but he kept it moving and the crowd loved him, so did I because they would listen to him and visit me.

Security as mentioned by Robert is top notch. Not only roving patrols but Arizona's finest are there to keep watch - I never worry doing a Thunderbird Artists show.

My points for this show: (1 to 10, 10 being the best) ( not in any particular order )

Load in: 9 (a little tough, but with the golf carts works out good)

Patrons: 10 (high end, 30 to 60 yo, know what they want and buy it)

Promoter: 10 (Thunderbird knows how to treat artists right)

Location: 10 (On the canal at Scottsdale's Fashion Mall - perfect)

Load Out: 7 (tough, as it was getting dark and late - but I persevered)

Atmosphere: 10 (Trees, grass, fountains (on my side) pathways, etc.)

Artist Parking: 10 (underground parking for cars and vans, not tall sprinters)

Nearby restaurants: 8 (some high end. low cost breakfast and coffee right in village)

Neighborhood: 10 (you are in Scottsdale, AZ in winter, what else could it be but a 10)

Artwork at Show: 10 (There is no buy / sell at a Thunderbird show)

My sales were great. I do southwest (south west) artwork and my buyers were from the area and from the east coast (snowbirds).

Would I do this show again? Yes. It's a 12 hour drive from my home but I now break it up to a 7 and a 5 hour drive (Stop in Indio, CA at the Fantasy Springs Casino - great room and not a bad price - excellent restaurants).

I would recommend this show to artists who specialize in high end southwest artwork - but who am I to say what sells at shows - I'm as mystified as many of you.

Good luck out there!

Thanks for the reviews, fellas. I'll be looking into Thunderbird shows. Seems I used to get a printed booklet or something in the mail from Thunderbird.

Do you remember what the high temperatures were each day? I'm concerned about Phoenix being a hot one. We did an indoor show in May back in 2001 and it was EFFIN' 112 by high noon. YIKES!

I'm looking for a couple of shows to tie in with West Coast Art & Frame Expo in Las Vegas that's toward the end of January. This year it was Jan. 22-25.

Hi Barrie,

The high temps on Friday (setup) was 82, Sat 76, and Sun 73, lows overnight 54, 57, 60 weather was perfect with light breeze. The Thunderbird shows in Scottsdale & Carefree are very good, the Thunderbird show in Fountain Hills is not good for me but it is for some artists, check it out.

Thanks a million for the quick reply, Robert. Awesome info. Look forward to meeting you, Jeff  and others in AZ shows. This Scottsdale event sounds awesome! Perfect weather for you all this year, absolutely! WOOHOO!

I did this show for the first time last week and it was excellent, sales, traffic, atmosphere........savvy art buying public at this show. Will definitely do it again next year.


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