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Hi all,

I'm totally new to this forum so excuse me if I'm asking the wrong questions in the wrong place ;)

I am just outside of Milwaukee and wondering if there are any indoor fine art shows this Spring/Summer still accepting applications. I'm not a fan of the outdoor shows, although I know there's a lot of them. Weather is so unpredictable and I am allergic to bees so that makes me a little nervous to do them.

I have just been accepted into the St. Charles Fine Art Show in Illinois and would also appreciate any feedback from others who have done that show. I'm hoping this will be a good market for me. My art is heavy and in the higher price bracket as it is hand stained on wood. It is not easily transported so shows I'm looking for will be only juried with only fine art - no crafts.

Appreciate any and all advice!  Really happy to have found this group!

Thanks in advance,


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Susi, Thanks for posting this.  We are in the NW suburbs of Chicago and our medium is black and white photography of rural America.     Like you, we are not fond of the outdoor art shows.   We prefer the indoor shows.  Unfortunately we have found that there are no real indoor fine art shows during the summer months.  So we have done some craft shows with some success.  But then we have some small art starting at $30.00 on up.  The fine craft shows do not seem to support the higher end fine art work with the higher price points.  If you want to look at one of the finest promoters of fine craft shows, look at step by step productions.  Although her shows are spring and fall.   I have tried to get her to do a fine art indoor show in the Arlington Heights area but have not been successful yet.  

So if you are fortunate enough to find that elusive summer indoor show, please post it here so we can all see if we would be interested.


Oh you bet!  And if I find one, I will certainly keep you all informed :)  What I'm planning to do is to have my own "gallery night" at a local high end restaurant here.  Hoping that might be a good thing but could be a huge investment.  Maybe this thread can reach others who also might be interested in that elusive summer indoor show.  

Thanks for the reply!


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