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If you do outdoor summer art shows..?
I am selling a white tent 15 ft.
Tables. Easels
Display walls 4 ft by 8 ft high.
Directors chairs
Call Donna at 847-4589327

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What kind of hanging system did your husband use? Do you have that as well?

Thanks so much... and what suburb are you in. I lived in Schaumburg area much of my life.

I am located in Alginquin off rt 31 just south of the downtown.
There are straps for the walls and he used hooks to hang pictures.
Some pictures were in heavy wood... I also gave those white metal grids
That you get at a container store which you can have for free.when are you in
Town? Again my number is 8474589337. Donna

Hi Donna... Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to pass. I know this is a great deal and I might kick myself later but there would be a lot involved in getting a trailer and driving 2 hours one way that I'm just not prepared for right now. I don't get into town very often and when I do, it's usually Grayslake or Schaumburg - both which are in different directions than Algonquin. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck with them!

I don't think you have to rent a trailer..these fit in my Suv and it's a
Small SUVs. We've also put these on the top of my car.l
Let me know when you are in town..I might still have them in months to

Are these items still available? if so, please send me price and what that includes! Thanks. Amy


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