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If you do outdoor summer art shows..?
I am selling a white tent 15 ft.
Tables. Easels
Display walls 4 ft by 8 ft high.
Directors chairs
Call Donna at 847-4589327

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Wrong image; no tent
I can't find pictures of the tent.
The gray picture is the walls that go inside the tent.
How many walls? Will they support heavy wood art? What are you asking for them?
I think there are at least 8 and yes..they support heavy large picture because my husbands multi textures abstracts were in wood too. I also gave e white metal grids
And you name it..
I know he paid $700 as a group but since he just died in a couple of months ago...
I would go half of that price.. I know that brand new they first a lot more today.
Where are you located .call he Donna Webster at 847 4589327. I am far northwest
Suburbs of Chicago, if you buy these I can include the tent for $20. And it's worth $600
I am going through his files to see if I have more pictures..I have weights too
Do you have pics of the walls? I only see a piece of art. I have a gent but am interested in the walls. I'm a little West of Milwaukee so we could work something out.
Yes there's one pic from my garage.
It's a dark carafe but you can blow this one up.

Hi, Donna: I'm interested in the tables, if they are the kind I've been using;  and the director's chairs. I am also in the NW suburbs of Chicago. 

I am sorry for the loss of your husband. 

I posted a picture of the walls for that other lady.
What size tables do you want? There are 4 ft long 6 ft 8 ft. Folding tables
8474589327 Donna

Do you have any pictures of the tables? I'm trying to match types of what I have now, which are lightweight aluminum and very versatile. 

I will try to add pictures but they are the white plastic tops with metal legs which you'd have to add tableclothes to.. Are you displaying jewelry or small items..because my daughter used them for pottery pieces.
Here us a photo of the 8 gray walls under the white tent.
They are 4 ft by you can see the tent is quite large.


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