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Has anyone done this show?  I am accepted and have yet to receive any info (not even an acceptance letter) from the show, despite the fact that it is less than two weeks away.  I mean, the gal has answered my direct questions, but there's been no packet, no letter, no nothing!

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I have copied the letter we received from the Zona Rosa Management; It would appear they have no interest in truly answering my real questions or giving any refunds.

ZAPP login: southpaws
Medium Category: Metal Works


Dear Mr. Meyerdirk:

I’m sorry you are unhappy with the extensive advertising and promotion of the Zona Rosa Arts Festival. We have advertised the Arts Festival via electronic ads on all Cumulus radio stations in the market including an on-sited radio remote during the Festival, outdoor billboards throughout the Kansas City metro area and print advertising in local magazine Spaces and the Kansas City Star. In addition, the Arts Festival has indeed been listed on the Zona Rosa web site since January, 2012 and as we have moved closer to the Festival, the Arts Festival has gained a greater presence on the site.

We are confident that our advertising and promotional efforts will produce another successful Arts Festival at Zona Rosa. As previously stated in all application materials, we will not be able to refund any fees to you. I hope this clears up your concerns and I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to call or write.

Very truly yours,

Brenda Noorbakhsh

Administrative Assistant



Zona Rosa a world away from the everyday


I just would like to add to this the only mention we made of ANY advertising was the lack of OBVIOUS presence on their web page. The rest of this letter is a smoke screen to our other more important questions of attendance, buyers and lack of artists and big lack of communication with artists. It would appear the lack of refund is just frosting on the cake. I will be passing this info along to sunshine artist as well as Zapp.

Same letter she sent me.  Thanks for your added voice and support.  I will contact them both, as well, just to give some added oomph.

patrice, am I understanding your post correctly that Zona Rosa decided to cancel the art festival ? AND  the didn't refund your fees?

Zona Rosa didnt cancel the event, but it was my understanding that the Arts Council was no longer involved and it is now a show run by the Mall? If anyone else knows please feel free to correct me.

And we decided to not attend. They refused to refund booth fee, but we decided attended would cause a deeper deficit ;(

After seeing Connie's photos, I think we made a good decision.

oh, see here you decided to forgo...

If they advertised 80k attendance and they have never had close to that, then that is false advertising.  That would be a reason to demand, not ask, for your money back.  


I met a guy from Illinois over the weekend who said he actually LOST money at Zona Rosa one year.  Attendance was very poor.  "Don't ever do it," he said.  I did write a letter to Zapp and they say they don't vouch for any of the shows on their site and don't offer any guarantees (I know this) but also did not address the issue of dropping the show due to its false advertising.  

Thanks for the photos, Connie!  Doesn't look like much.  I'm glad I didn't go.  

Kay, as Zapp told you, they do not vet the events listed with them. The shows pay them the money to be part of the system and they list the events. They are not in the business of judging the events, there are no judgment calls. When Zapp first appeared on the scene the top shows were listed with them so artists assumed if it was a "zapp" show it was a good one, sort of like an endorsement. It has taken a while for people to realize that is not true.

. . . And yet Zapp takes the money, lists the show, provides a venue for applicants- frequenrly the only venue- to potentially be part of the show, mandates that applicants have a Zapp account , creates the hoops to jump through, and does not accept responsibility in any kind of fiduciary or ethical sense?

Who's ok with this?

If you look at ZAPP as being like eBay or Craig's List, then you know there is no guarantee of anything. If I was buying a used car from ZAPP, I'd check first to make sure all four tires were on the ground at the same time. I made my mistake with the Fountain Square show in Evnaston by not checking closer to see that they were the same fools who put on a a show last year I went to and lost my shorts. My bad, I cancelled out too late to get a refund of any sort but I wasn't going to compound the loss by showing up. When it's poorly run, there's not much doing to get your money back and no point crying over it. When it's misrepresented and you want your money back, send a letter demanding, not asking, for the money back and state  it that you're not happy with their false advertising and an attorney could get involved. Stop talking about it and do something. Bitching about it is fun, but it's more fun doing something about it.


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