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Greetings fellow artists!

Last year I applied, and was denied entry into a art show, the contact person was kind enough to let me know the CD I sent in w/images was not a good quality, and she recommended that next time I apply, I go to Zapplication. 

Fast forward: applied for another event 3 weeks ago. The status of my application on Zapp simply says 'received'. The website explains the various status, that is, 'jury deliberating' etc etc. As of yet, the status is STILL received. I emailed Zapp asking how long this process takes & never got a response.  I even called someone AT the event I'm applying for, and SHE confirmed that yes, they got my application. 

What is everyone's take on Zapplication? TIA everyone!


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If the jury is meeting this week, that is all that it is supposed to say. You just have to wait it out.

Thanks Judy! I'm a waiting. :)

Just because the jury is meeting this week does not mean they will contact you immediately.  You need to see when the notifications will go out.  Juries take a long time (sometimes a whole month), they see the photos more than once.  First to get rid of those who do not fulfill their requirements (the right pics, lousy booth shots, crappy pics etc), then to prejudge the rest, then to buckle down and really judge them as to whether they are good, fit into their show, etc.  THEN they send out notices.  Be patient.  Like I said, read the prospectus and see when their notices will be sent out.  If you have not heard from them a week after the notification date, then you  should contact them.  They do not post immediately on ZAPP what they are doing, takes time.

p.s., do not contact them too much, you could be put on a 'newbie' list with no sales tracking.  They would prefer someone with sales to get their commissions from. They have ways they do things and you need to be patient.  Check out the notifications, please, to see when they will let every one know!


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