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My wife has her first art fair this weekend.  She paints largish and odd-sized acrylics on canvas  (so 10" x 36", for example, 36" x 36" and 36" x 48").  I wonder how others who sell mid-sized to largish and awkwardly shaped items at art fairs package them to go home with a buyer?  It is further a problem that she insists on a minimalist booth aesthetic, so does not have a large table surface in her tent on which she could wrap paintings in kraft paper and/or bubble wrap.  I'd like to avoid having to do this on the ground while prospective buyers are walking in.  Any and all ideas/suggestions will be appreciated.

-- Jon


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Buy one or two sizes of large clear plastic bags at a distributor like Uline.

The largest size should accommodate your largest paintings.

Larry Berman

Excellent!  Thank you.  But will plastic stick to acrylic on a hot day?  Or make it slippery to hold onto a large painting?  More to the point, I see that U-line sells bags in cartons of 50 or even 250 at a minimum, at close to $100 per carton.  I have only one 36 x 48 painting to deal with, four 10 x 36, one 54 x 54, etc.  So I think I may need a DIY solution . . . Or a bag-making device?



You can make bags for transporting the paintings with Reflectix.  For your odd sized paintings, just give them the bag!  There's a couple threads on here about packaging.  Search on Reflectix to find one of them.  For the large sized paintings, you'd probably be spending a few dollars per bag. 

Another solution is to buy just the bubble wrap corners.  Then you can use shrink wrap to hold them on.  Office Depot sells 4 inch wide shrink wrap with a handle on the roll.  With the corners secure on the painting, you could cover the rest with an industrial size trash bag.  Prepare the bags ahead of time so the customers don't see you are putting their work in a trash bag! 

I would second the suggestion of Dave about using Reflectix for transporting your art. I use it with my photographs ranging in sizes from 16x20 to 24x36. Some people use tape for the sides but I decided to use Velcro on the sides to make getting the art into the bag easier.I can just open the entire bag and sit it into the bag instead of sliding it in from the top. Less chance of damaging something that way. I have also started giving the bag with the photo when I sell it to the customer. Just add it into the price of item. Another advantage I have found is that I can easily cut one of my 24x36 bags in half and I then have to bags for 16x20 or 18x24 sized items. The Reflectix is also used as an insulator for home use so it keeps your items protected from heat or cold when transporting. You can get the stuff at Lowes for $16.25 (16"x25 '),$23.85(24"x25') or $37.95(48"x25'). If nothing else just tell the customer they can put it on the inside of their windshield to keep their dash cool from the sun.


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