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Woodstock-New Paltz Art Shows- Anyone have experience with these shows?

Hi everyone, 

We were accepted to the Woodstock-New Paltz shows and would like to know what experiences anyone has had at these shows. How was the camping area? It will be our first time camping at a show-(I will be miserable without a shower).  Were the shows  well run?  Good crowd that showed some knowledge of art? If so what was your price point? I realize these are all subjective topics, but any information is helpful. 

Thanks again

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We have done these shows for years and will be at the spring show. Camping here is great. They have a wide variety of options such as RV with or without hookups as well as tent camping. There is a bath house on site so there are showers available. The crowds are good and there will be a wide variety of artists there and everyone does pretty well. The show is well organized and the promoters are nice people.

Don thanks so much for your reply.  That all sounds so good.  I hope we can find you at the show.  My husband is "Mexican Weaver" and will be weaving in the demo tent.  If you see us please introduce yourself! Thanks again.

I have done the show on and off for years selling art prints. I feel crowds have waned for years and the last couple years have found light crowds. It is well organized and camping is very convenient, but at the price point they charge for the booth, I expect more audience. Obviously it depends on what you have to offer and art is always a tough sell...but I always enjoyed being there. I am taking a year or two off and will re-evaluate. One note...last year the organizers are beginning to turn the business over to their kids so the show may be in for some changes going forward...perhaps they will have other ideas to improve the show.

Thanks Mike for the reply.  I guess we will just try it out and see how it goes. I'm looking forward to an organized show with camping.  I hear a lot of shows are down and I wonder if that's across the board for some economic reasons. 

Thanks again

I did it maybe 10 years ago.  Camping was fine, except the condensation in my tent ruined my cell phone.  Other than that it was a lousy show.  Crowds didn't seem very sophisticated.  It was kind of a country crafts type show as I recall.


thanks for your reply.  We are getting such mixed reviews on this show......I guess it really depends on who is selling what.  Our price point is fairly high so we will need a lot of luck.

excellant promoter   Show was 2 days after a hurricane one year and they quickly hired college kids to dig moats around the large tents and kept bringing straw for the ground.    About half local patrons and half from Westchester.  All price points seem to move        JoAnn

Hey that's good to hear.  It sounds like they are really organized which will be a step up from some of the shows we did last year.  We are kind of looking forward to this show even risking not doing well because of all the good things we heard about the promoters.

Hi Alyn

yes let's meet !!   I think we will be camping but haven't yet located a travel trailer.  How can we find you ?  My husband is "Mexican Weaver". 

You know hotel reviews are the same way.  It's impossible to get any real sense of how it will be from reading reviews.   

Yep my husband is Mexican and does tradional weaving (much like Navajo weaving). The name of his business is Mexican Weaver 

we should be easy to spot.  

Lyra y Jose


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