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I have new images to apply for shows. One of them is wide, more than 2x as wide as tall. Does this work in the ZAPP format? Does it shrink the details too much? Will it look smaller than the others? I have attached a few of my images for comparison. It's the first one that is in question. Should I leave it out?

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Depends on how you feel about the images and what shows you are applying to. for ZAPP, if the shows project the images, it could work in a balanced presentation. If they are using monitors, they normally go at their own pace and can lean in closer to the computer to see the detail, if they want to. You can see them at almost the same size by enlarging them in your ZAPP profile.

JAS only uses monitors so the ZAPP monitor presentation kind of works the same. The only difference is that the JAS jurors see all your images simultaneously at a size large enough to understand the body of work without having to enlarge them.

Larry Berman

I'm not sure if I'm following this. Is the first one a dyptich, or did you take the photo in two sections? If it is in two sections because of the width, when you took it, it can be reassembled in PSE or PS very easily. 

It's a diptych


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