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I've searched the forums here, and am a little surprised I didn't find much info on good places to buy framing supplies wholesale.  I'm just starting out in this business and have set up an account with a local wholesale framing supply (Jayness Molding in Seattle).  But, I'm finding that some of their pricing is actually not very good and was wondering what other sources people have found that work well for them.

I was really hoping to find great prices locally.  I plan to purchase glass, and probably also matting and foam core from Jayness Molding since they seem to have good prices on those items, and I won't have to pay shipping on heavy/oversized items.

For items that are easier to ship, I'd prefer to go with a place that has better prices.  I was just looking at, and their prices beat my local wholesaler, and shipping isn't bad on the smaller items I need.  Has anyone dealt with them before?  Any other suggestions for a wholesaler with good prices and decent shipping to the NW?

For frames, I'm planning on buying them joined since I don't have the equipment to do that myself.  I'm hoping someday to buy a V-nailer and buy chop, or maybe lengths and use my miter saw.  Not sure if it will be accurate enough, but that's down the road.  I've purchased frames from Frame Destination in the past and been really happy with them.  If I buy glass locally, I've found I can get the frames cheaper from Frame Destination then I can buy locally wholesale as long as I buy ~5 or more at a time to spread out the shipping.  I expected to be able to buy cheaper wholesale then I could get from Frame Destination.  Anyone have a good wholesale source for joined frames (no glazing)?


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It looks like you have lots to choose from. My Dad always did the photography and just hired someone to do the framing (that was me at one time!). Cutting the matt board seemed to be cheaper as there were different sizes to be made. Not to mention, we had aluminum chops that had the parts with them which is not hard to put together at all. I bet you could find someone for a minimal wage to do your matting and framing work while you do the artistic work. Something to think about.



Thanks for the suggestion.  But I would guess that I wouldn't be able to get the quality of work I expect/desire out of someone making a minimal wage.  And with the low volume at this point as I'm just starting out, I think its just as easy for me to just do the framing.


Thanks for the tip, Alison.  I looked into them a year or two ago before I started buying from Frame Destination.  Haven't checked out their pricing in a while, so I'll have a look again.

I'm the owner of Matboard and More, and I'd like to add we have loads of custom matting and framing options and the discounts begin at quantity 2! There's a lot of flexibility.

Let me know if I can be of assistance.


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