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Argh - just when you think you know everything, and do what you need to be accepted to top shows, I am now faced with a dilemma.

I have been accepted to both the ACC Minneapolis and the Dallas ft worth show both of which fall on the same weekend, April 6 - 19. Obviously Dallas and Minneapolis are 2 different markets; they are both top rated shows.

I can't be in both places at once; Which one do I do? 

My medium is contemporary aluminum sculptures, reminiscent of natural forms

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sorry, typo, April 16-19, the first show is the American Craft Council, the second show is the main st show 

Which Texas show? Main Street Fort Worth, if that's the show you mean, it's considered the number one or two show in the country.

Larry Berman

Yes, main st ft worth. If it is #1 or #2, that is probably ahead of the ACC Minneapolis show

No comparison.

Larry Berman

LOL~I could not agree more-do Main Street Fort Worth!  

Thank you Larry & Kathleen for the comments. Off to Ft worth it is. The American Craft Council will have to wait. I also have been accepted to their fall San Francisco show, but I think that one overlaps with Sausalito

Do not even hesitate to choose Fort Worth, that is if you're talking about Main Street. 

Thank you everybody for the kick in the --- I mean pointing me in the right direction.

Main street it is, apologies to the ACC

Thank you Connie.

And another 'dumb' question along the same line - I have been invited to the Artigras show In Jupiter, Florida, middle of February. While it no doubt will be warmer than in Denver at that time of year, it is a long drive, so, open to anyone's ideas about this show, good, bad indifferent, whatever

Not for one show. Sign up for two or three other Florida shows, maybe with Howard Alan if the majors are closed.

Larry Berman

Yep, as usual I agree with Larry. A little info I have is that Artigras is concerned about keeping their show alive and relevant to artists and their audience, so much so that they have changed it in 2020 from a 3 day show to a 2 day show. I believe almost everyone thinks that is a good idea, so there may be new energy around it this year. 

Larry and Connie, thank you both for your time and insights. I am thinking of avoiding the drive to Florida, I did it a few years ago after going to the Coconut Grove show. It was about 2 degrees above zero in Denver when I left, and about 78 degrees n Miami when I got there. In Texas, I had the occasion to have a nice chat with concerned local law officers, who observed that someone hauling a trailer with Colorado plates was obviously hauling the trailer's rated weight capacity in illegal drugs. When I arrived in Coconut Grove, had no idea what to expect, and was surprised when my cut rate Airbnb turned out to be a luxury suite in a luxury hotel right next to the show. But I was not as surprised as the valet parking attendant, when I handed him the keys to my truck and trailer, telling him to be real careful, "there is artwork in there", for unknown reasons he was more worried about hitting either the Ferrari and Lamborghini I was parked next to. Some other guy really wanted me to move my trailer, turns out it was blocking the gull wing doors of his Lambo and he couldn't get into the car. Poor parking lot guy was so nervous of course I wound up parking it myself, after asking for my $1 tip back. Welcome to Miami.

And the show was good! As I had no expectations, everything was a pleasant surprise. I sold a piece to a woman, after we completed the sale got to talking, do you know so and so, turns out she was a high school classmate of my cousin, they were going to their 50th class reunion in a few months. Small world


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