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Ah, I guess it is good luck, accepted to 2 shows on the same weekend; Omaha, nebraska, and gold coast Chicago. I am doing the uptown show in Chicago the following weekend, and the drive from Omaha to Chicago is not that long (450 miles), so I am trying to decide if i should hit two different markets, or just do the 2 Chicago shows. 

Open to any and all ideas/comments.

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Depends on what show in Chicago the following weekend. But Chicago is big enough that it shouldn't be the same market unless they are in the same neighborhood.

Larry Berman

Hi Larry, thank you for taking the time to respond. The 2nd Chicago show is the uptown show, but I am ignorant of the geography of Chicago. 

Has anyone done the Omaha Nebraska show?

Uptown is Minneapolis.

Larry Berman

ah, I mis spoke, I meant to say 'old town Chicago'

If it were me I'd stay in Chicago. But I haven't done Chicago shows in about 20 years. I used to do the Gold Coast show before it was taken over by the current promoter.

Larry Berman

Okay, totally confused. What are the two shows you've been accepted to, Mark?

Thank you Connie, my apologies for not writing more succinctly.

I have been accepted to 1) Omaha and 2) Gold coast which are both on the same weekend.  Also 3) Old town Chicago, which is on the following weekend.

So, I think I have the Chicago market covered by virtue of #3, and am trying to decide, given that, should I do show #1 or #2? 

Mark, I've never heard of the Uptown show in Chicago. Are you sure that is the correct name of that one? 

Another thing to take into consideration, to keep costs low, where do you live? That makes a difference. 

I have mis remembered the name, "Old Town" not "uptown"

And yes, I do live out of town, Denver actually.

So, trying to decide between doing Omaha, Nebraska or the gold coast show, both on the same weekend, given that I will be in Chicago the following weekend for the "Old Town Chicago" show

Well, since you're relatively new to the business you might consider Omaha before Chicago. It is a very well run event and it won't be quite the bustle of Old Town and you can learn some new things. It will expose you to a new area and hasten your experience level.

On the other hand, doing Gold Coast will be a whole other experience, really big city, and perhaps expose you to buyers who may follow you to Old Town to buy.

If expenses are any problem, you might keep down your overhead by spending time in Omaha and some other less expensive places on your way to Chicago, which could help considerably. Not sure what your lodging plans are for Old Town but here's one of my favorite tips. There is a hostel in the near neighborhood that I have used where you can get breakfast, share a room with someone else, or even a single if you prefer and really get a feeling of the city. 

As everything in this business, lot of options to weigh. Lots of experiences await you! Let us know what you choose.

Thank you for the pointers Connie. I've done about 35 shows in the last 5 years, still learning, but have avoided the inner city of large cities (LA, Chicago, NYC), as it is another level of, as you well said, 'bustle'. Thank you for the reference to the Hostel, I traveled though Europe when I was a teenager. Expenses are not too much of a problem, I usually stay in medium end hotel and/or airbnb, although adding a week in a large city can be really expensive. Omaha sounds like it might be an attractive option. I will have my fill of 'big city' later this year (ACC San Francisco), although that will be a bit more relaxed I think, indoor, controlled access, than an open big city street fest.

Thank you for the pointers. Hope to meet you in person at one of the shows, my honor to buy you a cup of coffee. You too Larry

Now knowing you live in Denver, Omaha could be an option as it’s on the way either to Chicago or home.

Larry Berman


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