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Ah, I guess it is good luck, accepted to 2 shows on the same weekend; Omaha, nebraska, and gold coast Chicago. I am doing the uptown show in Chicago the following weekend, and the drive from Omaha to Chicago is not that long (450 miles), so I am trying to decide if i should hit two different markets, or just do the 2 Chicago shows. 

Open to any and all ideas/comments.

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Thank you Larry and Connie. I decided to do the Omaha show over the Gold Coast - factors were: a) I don't know that I am up for an inner city show (setting up by myself) with, as you pointed out Connie, the 'hustle and bustle' of an inner city show; b) show appears to be in flux, with the dates moving around a few weeks, 3) show last year appeared to be located next to a beer drinking festival.

I recommend the Chicago show.  I did Omaha 3 years in a row fairly recently and was very underwhelmed.  It was so hot one year that the local weather channel told people that "being outside was dangerous."  Omaha has lovely people and the show itself is very professionally run, with lots of good press, but it's not a big $$ show, in my experience.


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