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Hello everyone,

I've been fine tuning my booth shots each year. I've narrowed down to these 3 to decide which one to use for all my juried applications for 2020. May I get feedback on which of the 3 pics you like the best, especially from anyone who  is or has been on the jury committee.

Unfortunately I cannot retake pics until summer and by then it will be too late for application deadlines. I live in MT and snow is on the ground until late June :-(

Thank you so much for your help.


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Booth #1. No contest. It's the cleanest and least distracting.

Larry Berman

Thank you Larry - I was a little concerned about the curve of the foreground table and sparse look of image #1. Good to get your expert opinion.

if you back up and reshoot with the camera level the curve will go away.

Larry Berman

Thank you for the tip. I will do that next time. I didn't even see the curve until someone else pointed it out :-)

I think the 3rd is the best. In #1, the table at the foreground looks like it is sagging.  In #2, having the back open is distracting. Good luck.

I like number 3 for the same reason.

I definitely agree with you about the distracting open back in image #2. thank you for your help.

Dear Donna,

I like the sharpness in #2 but I agree with you about the distracting open back. Wished it wasn't open. Thank you for your feedback.

This is a little better.

Larry Berman

It's a lot better. That's the one I would go with. Larry helped me straighten my booth shot out, also. It helped me get into a couple shows that I got into last year.

So Barry, you are voting for #1 and not #3?

Oh by the way, which Ann Arbor show are your recommending for me:

1) Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair

2) Ann Arbor's South University Art Fair

3) Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair

OR 4) Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original

Love your raku pieces! I used to do pottery a long time ago before jewelry. I would be honored to have my booth near yours if we ever find ourselves at the same show.


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