Hi everybody, I’ve been ordering my stretched canvases from www.JerrysArtarama.com and www.dickblick.com. The canvases I buy from them are standard sizes, made in China which I don’t mind. Now I need to order some custom sizes like 60x20, 36x12, 48x24. I placed an order with www.wholesaleartsframes.com but although I paid $170 for shipping of 10 frames, my freight got lost on the way and they couldn't locate the box.  

I live in Tampa Bay Area,FL and would like to ask you guys if you know any stretched canvas supplier in my area??? This way I’ll avoid the shipping cost which is kind of high. Or, do you guys know any reliable on-line stretched canvas supplier who offers 60x20, 36x12, 48x24???

Thank you for your help:)))

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