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"Where do all the ARTISTS go"? (sounds like a song~where do all the flowers go (LOL)

Hello all my night artist friends.  I tried a Christmas Kiosk last Nov. & Dec.,& it was a nightmare~broke even for 12-14 hr. days. This year we are thinking about Arizona from  Nov. to April, then come back to home.  We live in Michigan & I'm not seeing quality if any shows here. So does anyone out there have any opinions on this?!!I will cherish your experience, opinions, & suggestions!



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An artist, Deb La Pratt, runs several consignment galleries in good locations in the Detroit area, Art-is-in, you might contact them as a place for your "extra" work ... (that was a joke). She is great to work with and has been pretty successful with them. You might also check into the Rust Belt Market, at 9 Mile & Woodward in Ferndale. I love to travel but "going" has such high overhead that "staying" and working on new ideas where you are may be better for our pocketbook.

This answer does not address next winter, but is a suggestion to keep thinking. There are so many ways besides shows to earn your living. My next podcast is going to be on that topic. Hope you are well.

Hi Connie~Actually decent~good shows from May to November is not the problem for us.  It's just the long winter months! I am familiar with Art is In. Deb stopped at one of my shows & really liked the rings, however I do so much better one-on-one with customers, especially when I custom make some rings at my workbench~customers love it! I have to BE there to fit & shape their rings like a glove. Arizona is just a dream that I need to research a lot Apartments,shows, & such, so I'll just have to see what will work best for us~NO MORE KIOSKS~I should have known better!

I really appreciate your always caring & helpful info., & YES, I'm doing GREAT~THANKS!

If you are looking for shows to do down in that part of the country how about the Armadillo Bazaar?  You can put it into the search bar here.  I think that is an event with long hours but it seems that people like doing it.  It does run right into Christmas.  You might want to check that out.

I'll look it up~thanks so much~I LOVE this site. I notice that you are really responsive to Artists on here, & I know I appreciate it too. I'll check it out Jacki~Thanks again! 

Arizona is a tough sell, too. Some artists do well in the two semi-permanent markets in winter/spring. One is run by Thunderbird Artists, between Scottsdale and Carefree. It is under large tents, runs 13 weeks. The other is near there, off of Bell Road and Scottsdale Rd, but I can't remember the name of it.

Some folks do well at the Tempe December show and the Tucson 4th St. Festival, which is more of a flea market.

The show in Tubac in February is supposedly good.

The Scottsdale show is about the best it gets in the Feb-March timeframe.

Other shows include several by Thunderbird Artists in Carefree and Cave Creek (somewhat oversaturated), the Spring Tempe show, Oro Valley in Tucson, the Spring 4th St Festival Flea Market Buy/Sell Extravaganza, Fountain Hills (spotty weather and sales), and others.

Many in Arizona are as strapped as those in Florida. I gave up on that market a couple of years ago. It didn't help that the Arizona sales tax laws are arcane as hell, and you have to track tax separately for every community you sell in -- some have home rule, some do not.

WOW~All this info~this will give me plenty to look into!  Thank you SO much, Jim. I have gone to the Tempe show, & it looked like a great place to be doing a show, & felt I could sell well there, BUT that was years ago when MOST shows were good to great. I didn't know about the Thunderbird Artists~I'll check that out.  Interesting about the Arizona sales tax laws~oh, my!  Thanks again!

I live in AZ and I'm just getting started in the art fair business and I'm unable to travel far, so I just do AZ shows for now. The biggest problem with AZ shows is that in November & March there is a show, if not more than one, every week. But the rest of the months there's nothing, nothing worth doing anyways. Thunderbird Artists has a very good following but they are Fine Art only, they do not like jewelry and you will rarely see jewelry at their shows. I sell paintings and Tempe is my best show, they have a little bit of everything, from expensive paintings to cheap knick knacks. They are getting very tough on buy/sell. Tucson 4th Ave is more of a street festival, but I do well here also. The area is a hippie, college area so you will do well if you have fun or funky art. Fountain Hills is scary, this show is in February and 3 years in a row had high winds and damaged tents. Lots of buy/sell! Cheap jewelry tends to do well here. The scottsdale show sponsored by the museum I hear is very good but tough to get in. once again it's mostly fine art, not a whole lot of jewelry. Hope that helps!

I can relate. I've done shows for years, but the downhill ride in sales over the last 5 has combined with the same in my health (and dare I say age?). What I would like to know, is how anyone does it if they have any disabilities? 


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