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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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Hi Nancy....we get it that often as well. So it is good I have been able to shake feeling irritated by it. I had an artist tell me about an AZ show recently where she called one day "dumb day" and the other "museum day" so needless to say it was not her best show, but those descriptions seem apropos for some shows. Sounds like people in Jacksonville may need a little geography tutorial.


Mistaking MI and MN is very common. It never bothers me personally. People are just trying to be friendly and find common ground. It's the one's that come up and say,"Hey! You're from Michigan. We're from Michigan, too! Well not anymore, but..." and then they go on to ask if you know old so-and-so from someplace like Algonac or Dowagiac (two of my favorite Michigan towns). Seriously, folks, remember how big Michigan is? 

I have to wonder, with a significant portion of the newer generations being brought up in the "Made in China" era, if that isnt helping the "Do you make it comments". I mean, I wonder how much that they have actually seen in their lifetimes, that wasnt made in China. ( yes, I know, some folks are just plain out to lunch, not talking about those). It might be interesting to watch and see if those in your booths are looking at your work trying to see where it was made..

Just an observation

How true!  And people do try to sneak in imports at these shows.  When complaining about resale at a show in Fort Wayne, one of the organizers said they just couldn't tell.  I told her 1) if you have two booths selling the exact same stuff, it's resale.  2) If they have a whole bunch of the exact same item, it's resale because no one person would make that many exactly alike.  3) If you ask the "artist" about it, and they say "it's wood" or something like that instead of telling you about how they made it, it's resale!

"And you do these with your LEFT hand?"

My Mum gets that one!

her fave comment is "So talented, and all done left handed". She used to say (under her breath) that "being left handed IS NOT a handicap!"

Because she taught me, and I am, by nature a "righty", I can do just about every thing but write, with both hands. Sure makes things easier, and quicker!

As a photographer, I'm asked all the time "did you take all these pictures".  I'm thinking of creating a sign that says:

  • Yes, I took all these pictures
  • I printed all these pictures
  • I framed all these pictures. 
  • I have a very good camera (although a few of these pictures were taken with my pocket camera) 

I've been asked the phrase "Are these pictures?!" so often that I'm tempted to capitalize on it somehow:

-- Maybe make a "Are These Pictures? 2012 Tour" t-shirt with a goofy logo on the front and my festival schedule on the back. The cycle would be complete if somebody looked at it and asked, "is that a real shirt?"

No imagination...

I took all these 'pitchers' with an old Kodak Brownie.

I have them printed at Walmart.

These are all frames from the dollar store.

It'll make 'em crazy!!

I think my oddest question was " is this a picture?". My reply "do you mean is it an original or a print?". Her reply again " is it a picture?". My final answer " yes it is a picture". Duh!!! Lol

 I create stained glass panels.  Just think how ridiculous " Where do you put something like that?" sounds.  EARTHLINGS UGH!!  Once my husband, in his frustration at a long show, said" In your closet"

When people ask me what I would do with one of my glass pieces (usually a bowl - so DUH!) I tell them that once they buy it they can do anything they want!


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