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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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Oh, my goodness, you are right about some other vendors!

I had two ladies in my booth 2 shows ago who were oohing and ahhing about my jewelry and then one of them was telling me some of my prices were too low (which, they were not). Then I found out they happen to make some kind of beaded jewelry too, but didn't even have a booth there! I thought, if you love the earrings so much and you think they're so underpriced, why aren't you taking advantage of that? I said, "well, that's a deal for you then!"

I've also had another jewelry vendor stop by before the show opened, as I was pricing a few new pieces that hadn't been out to a show with me yet. She picked one of them up and asked me how much it was. I gave her the price and she replied, "well, it's good to have prices on EVERY piece." (Really? Because I was doing exactly that when you walked into my booth. Go back to your own booth if you can't offer something truly constructive.) I just replied, "yes, thanks." with the pen and tags in my hand, and she left to go offer unsolicited advice to some other unsuspecting vendor.

All the commentary so far made me chuckle.  Some great responses to common comments!  My most frequently asked questions:


"Can you imagine beading all this $^!t?"  (I make chainmaille and metal-based jewelry.)

"Where do you get your rings?" (The ring fairy brings them.)

"How long does it take to make this?" (I put wire and pliers in a box, snap my fingers and MAGIC! chainmaille appears.)


But the best - not a question, but an observation - was when two women came into my booth and begin picking up jewelry pieces.  They'd look at the piece closely, then smell it.


HUH?  I don't make scratch and sniff jewelry....

I usually find my next door tent mates at Shows good company.

But last week the man brought his ENTIRE family to the event.

There was a park bench behind our tent where they all camped out. My poor husband! He loves his peace....and he had to listened to every aunt and uncle's life stories and more. It was just a little over the top.

Linda...Yes you can call me Michelle.



Linda was talking to me because before see used my last name, I prefer Michelle.
Oh no! had the same experience several weeks ago. I had a tree next to my tent and a vendor on the opposite side set up chairs,cooler under the tree. Where the conversation and smoking went on all day and really bothered me and my customers. One customer looked at me and said, "If he says that one more time..". I finally rolled up that side of my tent and every time I had a customer I gave them the evil "teacher look", I was a teacher, until they quieted down or left.

They may have been sniffing to see if it was sterling, whichshould have no odor.

Maybe. But they started out with the brass (maybe they were seeing if it was gold) and then moved to copper. Never sniffed the sterling. Goofy.
Good thing you didn't have pearls. They would have rubbed them on their teeth to see if they were real! hahaha
OMG, that actually happened to me! I had a tent at a wine festival, and two ladies (who had obviously imbibed a considerable number of wine samples) came staggering up. One of them was drawn to my display of grape-cluster earrings. She picked up a pair, turned it from side to side, and stuck it into her mouth. When I asked her what she was doing, she explained that she was checking to see whether or not the pearls were "real" and was satisfied that they were. I asked her for the earrings, informed her that the pearls were made of glass, and asked both ladies to leave. They didn't take offense, just stumbled away. Eeeeeuuuuwww!!!
vs?     I don't think anyone has ever smelled my metal pieces.  Do other metals have odors?

Copper does have a distinct scent to it.


I really don't know what the deal was with them, I watched them pick up several pieces, look at them carefully, and the purposely smell them.  I finally asked if my brass dragonscale bracelet smelled better than the last one they picked up.  No answer, they just continued sniffing.


People are weird. ;-)


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