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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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ROFL Jennifer - I think she needed to go home and take her medication!

I'm thinking she wanted you to paint her, shall we say, in a state of deshabille! Not kidding on that. Give her a call, see if you can work it out ;-)

LOL y'all!!!    I swear, I was scratching my head all day after THAT one!.   May I add, this was after the woman who came into my booth to CHANGE HER BABY'S DIAPER AND CLOTHING!.  What a wild trip THAT show was.
Seriously you had the day from hell Jennifer...which at the end of the show you ask?...And why do we do this????
Okay, now I have to know: where was the diaper changed? On the ground? On your display?

No, her friend with her held the baby. He apparently threw up on his clothing and she was removing the clothing and cleaning up the stroller- and as long as his clothes were off, "is he wet too?"  


Aside from the crazies and the tremendous dust, all in all it was still a good show and I'll probably go back next year.   :)

In addition to other scenes (landscapes, floral, still life, wildlife) I also paint pet portraits. I am typically working on something at each show that we do - and I happened to be working on a commissioned pet portrait at that show. A woman came up and took one of my pet portrait cards complimented my work and told me she and her cousins were wanting to get a piece done for her aunt and that she would call to chat about it further.


A few days later I did actually hear from her and we ironed out the details, size, cost of piece, partial payment etc and that she would email me photos of her Aunt's dog. There was just one thing, she added after we had agreed on all...her aunt wanted the dog to have wings.


"Wings?" I asked.


Yep, the dog had died and her aunt wanted the dog painted with wings. I explained that I was not comfortable with that, I could put in a blue background - and she agreed that would be fine.


I did not get the photos as promised so called and was told they went a different direction.


The lack of wings were apparently a deal breaker. LOL.


I saw this same woman at another show recently and she mentioned to her friend with her that I was the artist they had talked to about the Aunt's dog's portrait. I said I hoped they got what they wanted in their painting and she shared that they finally ended up taking the photo of the dog and photoshopped in some wings on it and the Aunt was thrilled.


Ah well.  :)

omg.  I really thought I was the only one that got asked that!  LOL.   I lady came up to me end of last year, looked at one of my dog paintings and asked if I had it with wings. "Cuz I'd buy it if it had wings"   crazy.
Had a similar situation. The guy had photos of 5 dogs - 2 living and 3 that had passed away.  He wanted a painting with the live dogs playing on the grass and the 3 dead ones sitting on clouds watching over the live ones.
Does the fair provide you with your tent?
I am kind of a newbie so I don't have a lot of experience but here is some recent stuff.
Last weekend I was at a "fundraiser" in a pretty affluent community. This one cracked me up:
"These are really nice but I am looking for something really large like 5 feet by 5 feet".
I replied "Oh, I can do that! I do commissions all the time. What type of floral were you looking for?"
"Oh, it's really my friend that's looking. I'll give her your card so she can call you".
Right.... Why do people act like that? Are they trying to impress me by letting me know that they can afford something that big?

I know that I have read this before on this site but I always get the people who want to talk about their cats. I have some cat paintings and note cards and I guess I don't mind if I'm not busy and all but I feel like screaming sometimes "EVERYONE'S CAT LIKES TO CURL UP IN A BOX OR BASKET THAT'S TOO SMALL FOR THEM. YOUR CAT IS NOT THAT SPECIAL!!!"
Sorry, bad day today....just had to get it out.....
Lisa this reminded me of something I get a lot...people look for awhile, then ask do you have it in (a certain color, or bigger, or some other way)? I usually do and will bring it out. No, that's not _______ enough. Like last weekend this woman was looking at a certain style necklace and said, "too bad you don't have it in yellow." I pointed to the yellow one right in front of her. "No," she said. "too bad, my daughter really likes yellow." This was definitely yellow. I asked her, what sort of yellow she had in mind. She didn't really answer. My friend who helps me out sometimes says she thinks customers just say these things or ask for certain colors not even having any intention of buying it. It's weird. Happens a lot.


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