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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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Another fun one...

After the customer raved about my works. "This is wonderful... you have a great eye...These are great... Did you ever think of doing it professionally?" 

My response...

"I don't want to lose my amateur status"


I've been doing festivals for less than 10 years, but I've already racked up some great comments from show-goers. Every year I pick a winner for the most obnoxious/clueless/mystifying comment. Last year it was, "I know why these are so expensive. It's because of the frames." This came from a young woman with a group of friends who somehow did not see me sitting within three feet of them. I said, "Actually, the prices reflect the market value of my work. The frames are not expensive." They scuttled out of there so fast, but not before one of her friends said apologetically, "Your work is really nice". Yah, whatever!

14+ years and the question came Saturday from someone I have known for 10 years...from shows. Go figure. Here goes, “well this is what you do for your weekends...but what is your regular job?
I replied, this is my regular job.
So outrageously rude.

customer handed me 2 hardwood cutting boards and asked me to take the grain pattern from one and  "put it " on the other.  Should have told her it would be costly and take weeks!

And this one, a variation. 

Wife falls in love with one of my pieces. Shows it to husband. He falls in love with it.

Wife asks husband "Where are we going to put it?"

Husband, "Yes, we have no room"

Wife silently looks at husband.

Husband takes out wallet, hands me plastic, says "We will put an addition onto the house"

Only in California.

Yes! Excellent. My variation, at a show once a wife liked one piece and the husband another one, so I said, why not take both? and they did ;)

That is a good one

A new one for me. Not the worst, but among the strangest ...

Non-buying customer: "Is that your real name?"

Me: "I'm sorry?"

Non-buying customer: "I thought it might be your 'artist' name."

Me: "Huh. Well, I guess it is."

That one could be a legit question. Many an artist has signed their works with a "pen name". So that one I would not think to be a bad question.

After haggling on my price like my work should come from Walmart, he then said, "I have this gift card I got from my dentist. Can I pay you with that?"
You win. Hands down!


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