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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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Remembered other ones that annoys me......


"Is this pmc?" 

"You should use PMC, its great stuff, easy to work with!"

This to a traditional jeweler who etches her own sterling, hand fabricates, from flat sterling sheets, all her own hollow forms. Its like telling a photog to get your favorite point-and-shoot camera that's on sale at Walmart.

Wait I have others.

"My sister is an jeweler-just like you. She's strings beads. Do you know her work?"




"See these earrings I have on. I got them on sale at Target! Only cost me $5! Isn't that great?!"


Bless their little well-meaning hearts. I try not to blanch, but just smile and nod and move em back to looking at my jewelry and hopefully buying it. They mean well.




Being a photographer, of course I get the "Were you there?" questions a lot.  But the ones that grind my teeth are 1. (only in South Florida) "You can sell this s**t?" and 2.  "These pictures are nice, but you could get some really good ones if you went to [name that tourist trap]."

And, as all of us, regardless of media, have to listen to the adoring parent/grandparent/son/daughter/spousal unit or speaker telling us all about their favorite [name that medium] and how they got/made/discovered that wonderful piece of art.  And how can they get into art shows?  

One guy spent an endless amount of time on a slow day telling me about how  his grown daughter got this really great photo.  I always reply in circumstances like this, that she should have it printed and hang it on her wall.  He said she could do art shows with that picture.  I said, yeah, but she'll need at least 79 more different images to exhibit properly.  He got miffed and left.  Works every time!

Well, my parent/grandparent/son/daughter/spousal unit doesn't want to get into shows, but "do you mind if I take a photo?  I just love your work, and that way they can make me one just like it."  In all seriousness. 

Oh boy... that one BURNS me UP!! LOL!

>>  "You can sell this s**t?"

Sell it!! I paid for two houses, a yacht, a summer home in Italy and three college educations for my kids with this s**t!

What do you do for a living?

Love it!!

Hi~I just felt like going over some older blogs & I just can't stop laughing at yours~YOU TELL HIM!!!  I just love this~some people do not "understand" what real TALENT is out there .  If your product was in Bloomingdales, it would probably cost 100 times the price, & this same idiot would buy it, (because it is in Bloomingdale!)

one of my favorites;

my mother went to israel 30 years ago and brought me back a pendant.  i lost it and have been looking for one just like it for years.  do you have it?  (yeah, let me pull out my 'bought in israel 30 years ago but lost it pendants and i'm sure we'll find the exact one - LOL)

I dislike PMC sooooooo much!! Banging on metal with hammers is way more fun than smoshing metal clay anyway! 

Love you POV with the "telling a photog to get your favorite point-and-shoot camera that's on sale at Walmart."  They mean well but just don't get it, right?? 

I work with PMC, CopprClay, Bronze Clay as well as traditional siversmithing, etching, fabrication etc so the comment that PMC is easy to work with just cracks me up!!  And I can't say the number of times someone has shown me something they bought for that five bucks at WalMart, Kohls, etc....  All we can do is smile, compliment them on their taste and hope they become a customer.

as a woodworker, I get "where do I buy the kits for these" but once that was followed with" no,well then canI have some paper to trace yours?"

Worst? Most frequent? Most obnoxious?  :)


My most frequent AND tiresome one is, "How long did it take you to make these?" I want to say, "My whole life," but they wouldn't get it.


Second is, "How long did it take for you to make THIS one? "  Like I have a stopwatch out for one piece.....


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