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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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They may have been sniffing to see if you used epoxy to fabricate your pieces.  Sometimes there's a lingering odor.  Just a thought.

Lynn, a friend of mine who also makes jewelry claims that sterling has a particular smell to it -- maybe that's what they were doing?  I can't tell -- Oh, now I see that's already been mentioned and I can't delete this - duh!

I had an obnoxious neighbor, actually from two booths down, that spent a couple of hours pacing back and forth in front of my booth, having a loud and animated business conversation on his cell phone.


I eventually got sick of his rude behavior and got out my camera, and started taking pictures of him until he went away.

Lorie, sorry to hear about the storm...hope you didn't sustain much damage.

At least she offered to BUY the walls...might have been a way to make some cash!
Wow, your story reminds me of ambulance chasers. Or those roofers that show up to a town after a wind or hail storm.

Glad to hear it was fixable on your part.  Oh the joy of outdoor shows....


Tongue in cheek on her offering to pay....sometimes people are shell-shocked and forget niceties.  Sometimes they are just stupid and rude. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong.


The exception for me, however, is the woman last weekend in Des Moines who tromped up to my table and stuck her face in every tray I had out...not bothering to look up or say hello, she demanded "Where do you get your rings???" to my friend who was helping me out.  I was helping another customer, but heard her, glanced over, and knew immediately she was a wannabe.  Delia told her I made my own (true), to which the woman huffed and took off like a shot.


I've spent YEARS researching supplies, tools, learning techniques and developing my own patterns. I'm not going to just hand over that information to every person who drops by.  OTOH, I have spent down time at a show happily discussing jewelry making with another mailler if there's some give or take.

Worst question ever:

   In 2007 I was vending at a show in Downtown Dallas when a fellow vendor who made stained glass decor asked me why I was there. I said, "I'm sorry?" He proceeded to tell me I didnt qualify as an "artisan" because all I did was buy fabric and cut it up, sew it back together in different arrangements by color and pattern. I asked him if he made his own glass to which he replied, "of course not" and proceeded to rant about how "fabric artists" were ruining the juried show circuit.

My most bizarre question was did I speak English? huh?

A new favorite... it's 95 degrees out and I am sitting in a booth full of fused glass trying to avoid heat stroke.  A woman looks around, oohs and ahs and then says "Since you work with glass I guess the heat doesn't bother you".  My answer was "I usually don't climb in the kiln when it's on".  She gave me a funny look and walked away.    I just shook my head.  

That's hysterical.  I'm a glass artist too but I've never heard that one.  Great response.

At Gold Coast, in the midday heat, a couple enter my cooler tent.

He demands," Show me only your finest, most expensive necklaces, NOW, for my wife."

I had keep out of circulation a rare piece but decided instantly that he could afford it.

I had a spectacular piece of dendritic Turkish Opal which I had bezel set in silver with dark sea pearls. It is stunning and I am going to send a picture to a museum to se if they are interested.

As we hung the necklace on his wife, I instinctively knew she was not interested but I explained the rarity of the stone, it's name and features to the couple anyway.


They spoke quickly in another language together.


As he handed the piece back to me and they prepared to leave he said:

"You should never lie. Everyone knows there are no democratic Turks with opals."


OMG, that is hysterical.  It sounds like a SNL skit.    I've embarrassed myself lots of times misunderstanding what someone has said to me.    Too bad your democratic turkish opal was not surrounded by blood diamonds.  He would have been more confused.
I have some fused glass coasters with pteroglyph designs on them.  At one of my recent shows, a man asked if they were Aztec.  I told him they were based on pteroglyphs found in the SW US.  He commented that they could be Aztec then.  I pointed out that the Aztecs were in Mexico, not in the SW US.  He started arguing that we really didn't know who painted the pteroglyph's and that they COULD be Aztec.  I didn't bother to point out that the designs are NOT similar to Aztec art.  I just let him go on and said he could be right.  Luckily, he left my booth shortly after.   Did he buy anything?  NO.  Just wanted to argue.


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