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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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That is when I tell them that I do.   I constantly upgrade to the newest version from Verizon. 

"Thanks! Your mouth makes really nice compliments."

Amazing!  Truly, the worst photos I have ever taken were with my most expensive camera...

I am new to this site and am having a great time reading through this thread....hilarious. I’m also a landscape photographer and people say that’s me all the time...”You must have a good camera”, to which I reply...”Are you a good cook? You must have a good oven”. They usually laugh with me and say they get it. ;)

Tell her its a Carp not crap.

some of my faves....

him "do you make those in your oven?"  me "no, it's done in a kiln"  him "can't you do it in your oven?"  me "only if it can go to 1450 degrees..."

her "is that acrylic?"  me "no, it's all glass"  her "are you sure?"

him "how did you paint that?"  me,"no, it's all glass"  him "sure looks like paint to me..."

them "my <insert relative here> took a class and does the same thing"   me "bet you get lots of good x-mas presents"

I do pastels and my work is realistic. My least favorite question is when people ask me if I take photos and paint directly over them.

My number 2 is: when I say what medium I use, sometimes I get, "That is like crayons, right?" and then when I explain what pastels are made of, sometime I still get a follow up response, "Just like crayons"

Yes! Chalk too. Just like chalk. No explanation of pastels ever seems to suffice.

Two favorites:


"Thas jes melted crayons, aint it."


"Zat playdough?"

How about the guy that comes in and says, "I wish I could just sit around and make art, but I have to work."?
"Why is that so expensive?"

But the sign of a bad show is "what are all these tents for?"
Hah! I had that question asked of me in Rising Sun, Indiana at their first show. Two blocks of tents back to back down the middle of the street, banners out the wazoo, and some wandering twit asks what's going on and why the tents in the street? Sold a $20 item to another artist on Saturday, and that was it. Managed to get out of town on the next day about 20 minutes before the major wind storms hit that knocked out power for several days up and down the Ohio Valley. I think that show could be classified as a bad show ;-)
We were at that show. My wife still refers to Rising Sun as "Hooterville". We were lucky to escape with our tents intact. Nels was smart: he was supposed to be there, but bailed on it.


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