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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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I have been following this thread pretty well. I don't think I've seen this one:

Do you have a website?


I think "worst" may now have translated to "dumbest".

And to this day, I am flummoxed by what this woman interpreted that I created.

It was an easy afternoon in Lake Geneva, WI. We had a great fair, my neighbor Sue and I, when a pair of long time friends sauntered through her booth first. She gave me the eye I was interested in seeing what the gals would  be saying in my booth.

One fussed about but did eventually buy a pair of earring.

As they were leaving, her friend said she just thought the sun-catchers were over priced. But they sure were pretty.

I must have looked very vacant because she took me over to my pin and earring sets and pointed.

I asked her why she thought they were sun catchers?

She said they were hanging on ribbons..............of course.



Were you doing the Venetian Festival or Art in the Park?  I've done the Venetian Festival 2 times.  First year made a good profit.  Last year didn't even cover expenses.  If you did Art in the Park, any advice on how they compare?  I considered doing Art in the Park rather than Venetian Festival this year but ended up shying away from both.  BTW, I work in glass mosaics and fused glass, including fused glass jewelry.



That is just a paraphrase for, "I'm not buying, but I want to give you a compliment."


Except for those who quickly hand you THEIR business card, and offer to design one for you.

There's also the ever-baffling "where can I see your work?"
I make concrete and stained glass pieces. Some of them are pots that I showcase with plants.  Lady comes rushing up to me last weekend:  Where do you get your pots?  Huh?  Maybe she thought I was selling plants.  Wierd.

I was at Winter Park and a lady (ok, she was a redneck, waaaay out of her trailer park) asked me why I painted a Publix shopping bag in my painting. ( Publix is a grocery store that uses green plastic bags.)  

Framer Dude, ever quick with the wit, said, "Well, she couldn't find any hypodermic needles.  They cleaned the beaches up really well the past couple of years."

Painting in question is below.


WOW! You know what they say Dumb is Dumb Forever!

This thread has kept me in stitches!   LOL


Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: "You just can't fix stupid."
There seems to be a massive social movement: Ignorant and Entitled.
Okay, I have been reading this thread for days and have to add my favorite story.  I am a jewelry artist,  one day at a terrible show, a woman comes into my booth and looks interested.  She starts asking if I do wholesale, I reply yes, she starts asking about the wholesale price of one specific piece. I say its half the retail price, she keeps asking what that is, red flags going up. I ask do you have a store or resale tax number, whats up? She replies very proudly " My daughter is a jewelry designer and that pendant would look great in one of HER pieces". Thanks, thanks a lot.


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