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Let's do it as a top ten: My number 1 is


"Did j'all make this"?

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I'm not sure how I would handle this question...short of rolling on the floor laughing, hopefully not in their presence...
Sounds like an opportunity to develop a new subject line....Have a buddy dress up like Jesus (you may even want to have him pose with an 'old, rugged cross'), then photograph him. You could even make handcolored prints to make it appear "old." And a handpainted glittery halo would be awesome! HA!
In fact, I do have photos of Jesus. They may be of decrepit cemetery statues... but they are technically depictions of Jesus.

It's all sooooo entertaining!  And gratifying in a "we're all in this together" sort of way.


Overheard:  "They don't have houses, they just travel from one of these to the next one -- like gypsies."

You remind me… This is a true story. I was set up in a pretty park. A middle aged woman walked through, her elderly mother in tow. The younger woman was there for the art fair, and knew what it was. They stopped in front of my booth. The older woman glared at all the tents set up in the park with a fierce baleful eye. She muttered, “Damn gypsies! Why don’t the police make them move on? It’s a crying shame: them panhandling in our beautiful park.” The younger painstakingly explained, “No, Mother, these are not gypsies, they are artists. They are here for the weekend, selling their artwork. See, isn’t this lovely?” Older woman: “They have tents. They are gypsies.” Younger woman: “No, Mother, the tents are to protect their artwork from the sun and the rain.” Older woman: “Damn gypsies! Can’t take a walk in the park, without them cluttering up the place. Deadbeat gypsies! Where are the police?” The younger woman, embarrassed, explained that her mother grew up in a country with lots of gypsies, and they were a sore point with her. They then left my booth, and I heard the older woman all the way out of the park, saying, “Damn gypsies!”

Linnea you made me laugh out loud.

I would have literally been rolling on the ground laughing!

"Overheard:  "They don't have houses, they just travel from one of these to the next one -- like gypsies.""


I've often said that about myself. Didn't realized that people actually believed me! ;)

I'm pretty tired of the question (mostly from younger people in the crowds), why is this so expensive?  Is it real silver?


Yes I am new, only 4 shows so far but I have heard many of these comments. Thanks everyone you made my day.
I have only 6 shows under my belt and that question is the one I heard at every show. It is so sad, because I think one of the reasons they ask is because of all the walmarts and targets out there, importing stuff so cheaply and made by exploiting workers and children in other countries.
I am a recycled jewelry and accessory designer, with typewriter keys being one of my choice of components.  I have antique typewriters as part of my display in my booth as well as many other vintage things.  I love when someone comes into the booth (attracted to the old typewriters....that's my way of pulling them in anyway!!!) and they glance at each one in awe of seeing such an old piece of machinery....all the while my beautiful jewelry and accessories are just staring back at them all over my three tables and stands and what not....and finally, they turn to me and utter with so much authority in their voice (a little puffed up for thinking they really know a thing or two!) and say, "You know, there are people out there these days that make jewelry out of these machines??!!!".  I'm so torn at that point on whether to just embarrass the *#% out of them, or gracefully carry their faces to a nice shade of red!  Usually, I reply, "Really??"  and let them linger a bit longer, seeing if they finally see what kind of jewelry booth they've been standing in!!!   Sometimes, they still don't catch on, pick a necklace off of a rack or bracelet from a stand and say, "now, what are these made out of???"....I can only chuckle at that point!!!


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