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Why aren't there many high end art festivals in New England?  Besides Bill from Paragon, who's fairly new, and Denise Morris Curt, why no biggies like a CocoGro or the South Florida string?  I'm originally from Long Island, and I know the demographics are there, all the way up the coast.  So why???  Is it because all the art collectors think "good art" only comes from a gallery?  Is it that the real estate is limited for a show (then how come the monster truck venues, hmmm...)?  There's tons of craft shows, fairs, and then there's the NY Expo which out of reach for me.  I'm just scratching my head here because I would dearly love to do a prodigal daughter returns home kind of trip.

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Martha, you nailed it about open studios.  Part of the charm of New England is driving on a dirt road to find a studio in a 200 year old barn on an autumn weekend, so the Vermont Arts Council hosts the Open Weekend tour throughout the state, complete with maps to the participating artist's places. Even Warren Kimble has gotten involved. 

Martha, i'm sure there is lots of wonderful art buying going on up here, but I'd like to point out that shows like Paradise City cost $900 for a 10x10 booth. I have been familiar with that show forever but that's three times the price of most art shows. Even the good ones. I wonder if the promoters of such shows think the high price will keep out the riff raff...

That's what it sounds like as you describe how fierce the competition is in these really good shows. I understand that certain amazing venues do cost a lot of money for the promoters, but not all artists, even the really top of the cream, as you say, can afford to take a risk like that. And certainly not when they're starting out in the biz.


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