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What to do when you discover a copyright violation of your artwork?

I own a dachshund, and I just love anything with a dachshund on it.  So imagine my surprise when I look at my Facebook feed, and there is an advertisement for a blanket featuring dachshund art.  But wait a tick...that's my dachshund art, specifically!  No less, said artwork is even the logo I use for my Etsy business!

But the company selling this fine blanket has never approached me for my permission to use said art.  I had never heard of them.  So I contacted Facebook to report a violation of my copyright, and provided them with all the evidence that this image, was in fact, created by me.  To which, I think the only remedy they will supply is to remove that particular advertisement.

Next, I looked up the company.  The only way to contact them was through email - customer service.  So I shot out an email explaining that they were violating my copyright with their one particular product, gave them my Etsy site address so they could verify that this was my artwork, and asked them to please stop immediately selling items with my artwork.  Unless, of course, they wished to contact me to purchase the rights.

However, I don't know how to proceed from here.  What if they ignore me, or tell me to go blow?  I don't have deep pockets, so I'm wondering if any of you know the best way to proceed from this point onward.

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Further update!  The company actually responded to me via email, and we were able to negotiate a deal for them to purchase the rights to use my image on their product.  Was it a lot of money?  No...but I actually got paid (payment was made via PayPal, and transferred immediately to my bank account) and got acknowledgement from them that I was the owner and creator of the artwork.  Besides the monetary payment, they are also sending me one of the blankets they market with my image on it.  So it was worth it to pursue the matter.

Good results.

Larry Berman


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