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Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing small print on this site. I know we had some server issues a month ago, and maybe the gremlin has reappeared.

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It's small for me too. But I have not been on here in some time. 

I just fix my screen using my keyboard whenever I run across this. (There's probably a proper name for doing this, LOL). 

In case you don't do this already: hold down the Ctrl key: and hit the + key. Size will go up every time you hit the +. Conversely, use CTRL and the - key to make the image of the screen smaller. 

YES -- my first time logging on in quite a while tho, but yea I noticed the print size (viewed on PC)

Yup, just happened as I check site daily.

Oh, yuck! Thanks for the alert ... I'm off to tech support. Stay tuned (and bing your magnifying glass!)

It's been this way for a few days, maybe a week. CTRL 0 adjusts to the real size. You can do CTRL + or - to make the text bigger or smaller. When hitting CTRL-0 it doesn't change so that is the real size on the page. Obviously, an error of some sort.

How does it look now? I got some support. Of course, they want me to upgrade the site, make it all over. Really? Not in the mood. Does it work for you?

it is still TINY and hard to read.

Ctrl 0 doesn't work but  Ctrl + does work for me.Thanks...old tired eyes.


It's not a big deal, but the text is still small. I can zoom in and out, but the way it used to be was much easier. :)


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