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I was reading the worst question thread and thought this might be interesting too. Hopefully it's not too negative.

My wife and I are coming up on our first show and I'll be selling prints of my photography, and my wife is selling homemade greeting cards and sock snowmen. 

I'm really worried people won't like my stuff, which is fine (everyone has their own taste), but being a county fair I'm a little worried their will be some bad apples in the crowd. I can handle no one buying anything, and even people not liking our stuff, but some people can be real jerks about it.

It'd be reassuring to know everyone has had to deal with an occasional jerk.
So, what's the worst thing you've heard someone say about your art or someone else's?

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the conversation went something like this:

cust: "you are actually selling that crap?"

me: "no it is a museum,nothing is for sale."

cust; pointing, "but I want that one"

me: "oh, ok then"

I have not had any personally at a show but have had some doosey's  when someone has wanted to see my work but Sandra...Moran's comment reminds me of one a fellow artist, a fiber artist and a really good one too, got at a show.

A looky-loo asked her "So, do you make these from a kit?"

We laughed, sure and I use a paint-by-numbers kit and sell them at shows!


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