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What's the rudest comments you've had towards your art?

While photographing one of my paintings, I was having difficulty getting the true colors to come out.  So I posted my photo of the artwork to a photography forum, asking for suggestions on how to correct for this.  To my surprise, the very first response was from someone who wrote "May I be frank?  That painting is horrible!"  Um, ok.  But I didn't ask you to critique my artwork, I asked for help in correcting the colors in the photo.  So I just responded that "that was fine, we all have different tastes, but please can someone address my actual question." Luckily, many others did post responses addressing my question, and quite a few chastised the first poster for his rudeness.  

So, just wondered, what is the rudest comment someone has made concerning your artwork?  And how did you handle it?

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Which photography forum? I hope it wasn't mine. If you had contacted me directly I would have walked you through photographing your paintings and getting them accurate. Or if that wasn't possible, good enough that I could do the editing and make them accurate for you.

Larry Berman

Oh gosh, no, Larry!  Wasn't forum connected with you or anyone from this site.  In fact, I probably should have thought to post here first with my question.  But thank you for your kind offer of help!  I did get lots of suggestions - the question was much more complicated than I imagined! - and I am going to try some of them this week.  Some of the simpler and less expensive include changing my lighting and using a ColorCheck Passport.  But if I'm still stumped after that, I may be calling you!

Easiest way to start is set up your canopy on an overcast day and shoot the paintings underneath. You can use a color checker if you know how to use one in Photoshop. A gray card will do the same thing because the only usable squares on a color checker are the black through white row. Auto white balance is fine because you'll be using the gray to correct for a color cast. But you can also do it by eye because you know what the painting should look like in the picture.

Larry Berman

I make jewelry.  One time someone in my booth commented, "Ugh!  Who would ever wear anything like that?" Another time someone tried to convince her friend not to buy a necklace, telling her that it was "cheap."  Actually it was made with fine silver! The friend DID buy the necklace. It's kind of like driving a group of kids.  You somehow become invisible when you are in under your canopy.  

I just had an interesting incident at a show.

A potential customer (they are all potential until the sale), was extremely interested in a larger piece of mine.

They said they loved it but wanted to check with her daughter. Well we all know how those go. Hard to pay the bills with the "be backs".

Well a couple of hours later, there she is, with husband and another, younger lady. Be back is showing the piece to her husband and stating "I want it". Her husband says "ok".

I'm reaching for my card swiper. Then the daughter..."what do you want that for?"

Mom: "I love it".

Daughter: "what for?

Mom: "My house, not yours." 

daughter: "Where would you put it?"

Mom: "In my living room."

daughter: "No! It's not perfect."

Mom:  "But I want it."

Daughter: "It's not good. NO!"

Mom and dad shrug their shoulders, looking deflated and walk away.

So, was saying my art was "not perfect", rude?

No, but if I had grabbed that daughter by the throat and continued squeezing until my palms met, that might have been considered rude.

It was a $1,645 piece.

Back to your point, another customer did get very nasty with me, when I caught him sneaking photos of my artwork. I nicely asked him to delete them. He got very loud and told me to "back off" and "watch my attitude". Now that was a thief being very rude.

BTW, this was at the same show.

Wow!  What part of the country was that?  Did you do the show again?

Bucks county, PA. This was all at the same show. This past weekend. It is a show I have done prior.

To me the guy taking photos was just a  thief who was trying to turn it back on me. 

Seems to be a common, low end, technique, do something wrong then attack and claim to be victim when you are caught. 

Just look at the political leader. :-)

I'd rather not.  (I can't believe I actually said that).

:-)  ;-) 

Yes, that is extremely rude!  I caught someone photographing my work at a show this summer, too; but I was too surprised (and meek) to confront them.  My hope was that they just wanted to get a second opinion on it before they pulled the trigger and bought it.  But alas, no, my mystery photographer did not return to purchase.

I know, isn’t it funny how people just treat you like a sales clerk and not an artist? Yes, I’m there to sell, but the product isn’t just some Tupperware I got from a mass supplier - it’s something handmade, by me, that I put my heart and soul into, too!  Glad you still made the sale!

Someone commented to her friend that one of the features of a pottery piece looked like it was on accident. I was sitting right there, so I said, “No, that was on purpose!” She looked surprised that I was there. Haha!


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