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What's the rudest comments you've had towards your art?

While photographing one of my paintings, I was having difficulty getting the true colors to come out.  So I posted my photo of the artwork to a photography forum, asking for suggestions on how to correct for this.  To my surprise, the very first response was from someone who wrote "May I be frank?  That painting is horrible!"  Um, ok.  But I didn't ask you to critique my artwork, I asked for help in correcting the colors in the photo.  So I just responded that "that was fine, we all have different tastes, but please can someone address my actual question." Luckily, many others did post responses addressing my question, and quite a few chastised the first poster for his rudeness.  

So, just wondered, what is the rudest comment someone has made concerning your artwork?  And how did you handle it?

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I would NOT call what you do cheating. It is an art form. The only way I would call it cheating is if you were to represent it as "Photography" or "painting". However, you have already stated, you don't. So it is another medium of art. Unfortunately there are many who do their work, heavily with graphic design or computer enhancement, then claimit is photography. That is cheating. Let the creativity flow.

It doesn't take great equipment nor great places, to make great photographs. This is contrary to what Ansel Adams said. I believe he said "If you want to get great photographs, go to great places".

I have created award winning shots with a home made pinhole camera and shooting things I found laying along the roadside (garbage).

Lady comes in to my booth... spends a decent amount of time looking at everything... finally decides to tell me that my prices are too high... I was taken by surprise on that one...tried to be nice but still responded...
"so, you think that $35 for an original painting (5 x 7) is too much?"... she responds that she too is an artist and sells down on the "west side" - and 'if you had a booth there, no one would even LOOK at your stuff'.  I then proceed to get out my yogurt and eat it...she left.  I should have responded, "If no one will even look at it, what drew you in and why are you still here!"?  I just don't get some people... it's like coming to your house just to insult you...who needs it?  baffling.

Baffling indeed Rachelle. Some people's mouths are faster than their brains. That means hers are selling for less than $35. I have spent at least that before I even begin painting. The lowest my 5' x 7" paintings go for are $175.00 with most in the $500.00 dollar range.

Responding in any manner that states you are a professional and your prices reflect that would also be a good response.

It is possible that person, was of the mindset... condemning other's will elevate her own self worth.

I have, once in awhile, encountered potential customers who did not want to spend at my price-points. I have NEVER had a customer state, in any way, that my works were not worth the price I listed.


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