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I just got accepted into Georgetown Art in the Square (In it's third year).  I have noticed a couple of bad reviews on this site, especially comments on traffic.  The promoter used to be with Bayou City in Houston, and seems to be well respected.  My acceptance email says they will be doing advertsing this year in The Austins Statesman, a newspaper in Austin, as well as the Georgetown newspaper and mailings in central Texas.  Program flyers with artist info will be distributed as well. 

My questions may sound stupid, but is it appropriate for me to email the promoter to ask about expected traffic, as well as whether or not this is the same advertising that was used last year, or have they ramped it up this year.  The email made it sound like they are making a big effort.  How about asking about how many submissions they had, and how many artists have accepted?  I am just new to this, and a $400 booth fee is not small change right now.  I only live an hour away, so gas will be my major expense besides my booth fee.  Any suggestions appreciated!

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I think you're questions, especially given that it is a relatively new show are totally appropriate, we've asked the same kind of questions.  We've also asked questions regarding of the artists accepted, how many were in each category, etc.  I've also asked for a map of the new layout when shows mention they are changing the layouts, etc.  It's best to be as informed as possible.
Thanks, the layout map is a good idea!
The problem is that no one can estimate the traffic, even if it's an established show. Estimates are always inaccurate unless there is a gate. And no one can predict how the weather will effect the show.

You just want to know if they expect to have relatively heavily traffic. I'd also call exhibitors that did the show last year. You might be able to find list of previous years exhibitors on the show web site. Also take into account that if it's mostly local artists, they're probably doing it because they have less expenses.

Larry Berman

I am sure it is indeed, quite impossible for them to predict traffic.  I am only wondering about this because I saw a blog post on this fair, and it actually showed photos at noon on Sat. with about five lonely people wandering the aisles, looked very bad.  I was just trying to figure out if they upped their advertising.  I have had feedback that two artists (both jewelry, and not my medium...) have done this show, with one doing well, and one not doing well.  Thanks, Larry.

Reviews, like art are very subjective!  I attend several shows which regularly have poor reviews by some vendors. However, I always do very well.  For me it's a demographic thing. So I usually do a little research on the area where the show is to be held.
I am trying to research as much as possible.  With it being a newer show, not much out there.  My only concern is that traffic appeared to be poor last year...


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