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Hi. I’m looking for weights to add to my tent. What do you use and how many pounds are they. Also do you know where to buy them or make them. I was thinking of getting PVC pipe ,filling it with cement and a hook to hang it. Please let me know. Thanks.

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Cool.  I'll keep an eye out for the plates.  If I turn any up, then the ammo cans won't be an issue at all.  With a big gun show every month or so in San Antonio, ammo cans abound. :)


I received my Eaton Canopy weights a couple of shows ago and I have been very happy with them.  They work fine with the sta-bars and propanels.  I had to set the sta-bars a little higher than normal.  I got four sets for a total of 60 pounds on each leg.

Dear Wendy,

Go to the local camping/ outdoor store. Call first to see if they have this item before you waste time and energy.

My husband Dan bought four 100 lb weights of sand in a 3ft high  by 28 inch circumference of heavy weight PVC. The four straps on the weights reach to the top bar of our EZ up. But Dan also uses a heavy snap clamp at the top velcro closure to ensure safety.

Believe me, our store goes no where!

And even I can drag them to their spot!


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