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What do you think?

Because I work full time I send more of my artwork off to exhibits around the country than I display at local (St. Louis area) art fairs.

Just this week I received an email that 80% of my work on exhibit in California (near Sacramento) sold on opening night of the solo exhibit. And, I priced them at twice the price of what I sell them for here during local art fairs.

You may have heard the old proverb, "A prophet is without honor in his own home town."

I'm wondering if the same may be said for artists - at least in my case.

My medium is photography - mainly on canvas, as is the case with the CA exhibit.



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It's not in town vs. out of town pricing. It's gallery shows vs. street art shows pricing. Pricing at art shows should never be dictated by location. It should always be the same and go up as your experience and collectibility increases. Gallery shows are a different animal because there's a commission involved.

Larry Berman

What it means is that your retail price at art fairs is too low. You might be able to get away with the price discrepancy because it is California. However, if they see your work online at a much lower price they will get upset. It may ruin a future sale if they want another piece. That has been my experience.

In keeping with the comments already posted, doesn't sound like an issue of price as opposed to an issue with your 'target market'. Established galleries have a specific clientele base. If you can find out the makeup of that demographic, you can focus on marketing to that group. But I agree with Barry, you will want to keep your prices consistent.

I appreciate the responses. Maybe a little clarification. Whether I exhibit locally in an art fair or a local gallery I can't get the price I do when I exhibit additionally. The venue doesn't matter, IMO. The locale does.

I think that's a common problem for artists. I live in Ohio but have a larger concentration of customers/sales in the Carolinas and Texas. I only do shows in Ohio when it's convenient knowing I will make less than what I usually do.

Yep, gallery markup. However, Hal, selling locally really keeps your prices down because the travel overhead is not there. When you consider booth fees, hotels, travel time, vehicle cost and food, (doing out of town shows) generally the galleries are probably making you the same amount of $$. 

I believe you make more selling wholesale because you are selling multiple pieces. I'm surprised they didn't ask for a wholesale price. I had a gallery for over 10 years and people are very aware of the prices of artists work. I sell my work at the same price everywhere. I, also, have a wholesale price and the gallery can sell the work at their markup. I know that our break even price was 2.3. Places like New York, there markup is 2.8. It depends on their overhead.


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